10 reasons to train as a Team Coach with the TCS Team Coaching Diploma

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Have you been thinking about furthering your Team Coaching studies but are confused about where to enrol?

There are at least ten reasons to consider joining us.

Reason #1

We help you find your own way. We take you beyond knowledge and competencies into who you are as a team coach, as we know that how you show up, who you are as a coach and what your guiding beliefs are, makes the greatest impact. This difference makes you stand out from the crowd and do your best work. 🏆

Reason #2

The Diploma in Team Coaching consists of 18 4-hour live Zoom sessions spread out over 9 months. In some of these sessions, we offer you the opportunity to absorb new input and make it your own. In others, we focus exclusively on observed team coaching practice. You’ll also receive 5 hours of group team coaching supervision to support you as you take your learning out in the field. And all along the way, you will engage with a small number of your fellow students in relevant and stimulating small teamwork. You’re in for an integrated learning experience. 🚀

Reason #3

You will be part of a small cohort (12-16 people) led by TCS Founder Georgina Woudstra (MCC/ACTC) and Director of Training Allard de Jong (PCC/ACTC). This means expert guidance by leading practitioners in the field and personal attention. We work with you as an individual, attuned to your personality, learning style and quirks 😀

Reason #4

Your cohort comprises an international, multicultural group of in-house and external coaches. This means you’ll be exposed to an enriching variety of personal and professional perspectives and experiences and can draw from them as you continue to learn what works best for you. 👍🏼

Reason #5

The Diploma in Team Coaching will offer high support- a highly challenging learning environment. You can expect a mix of rigour and fun. Yes, the course is rich in learning and is demanding in terms of commitment. But we leave no man or woman behind! As a learning group, we ensure everyone’s needs are met, and we are there for each other. 💪🏼

Reason #6

At TCS, we are the founders of the team coaching movement. Team coaching is our only focus, and it has been for years and will continue to be so. We live and breathe team coaching. It’s all we do. 100% committed, no distractions. 🎯

Reason #7

We have developed a unique methodology for change. One that works when all else fails and one that can be taught. One that we will help you make your own.👊🏼

Reason #8

Our faculty are active professional team coaches passionate about team coaching and highly committed to their ongoing learning and development. They are teachers and students of team coaching and role model the work in all they do. Instead of just wheeling out the same old material year after year, our faculty keep learning, stretching and diving deeper into team coaching. They’re at the cutting edge, and you’ll be there.🙌🏼

Reason #9

If you want to be in the world’s top 2% of masterful team coaches, you are in good hands with the Team Coaching Studio’s Diploma in Team Coaching. We provide you with an officially recognised programme and a pathway to professional accreditation with the world’s two largest coaching professional bodies (ICF & AC) and beyond. 🎓

Reason #10

All of our Diploma students get free access to our community of 1200+ team coaching aficionados, providing ongoing professional development, networking and support. It will keep your connections and learning alive. In this way, we all grow together. 🤝

To discuss your specific needs, we are keen on having you book a Zoom call with the TCS Director of Training, Allard de Jong at a convenient time.

Or, if you’ve already got all the right reasons, book your space right here.