Community of Practice

TCS hosts a vibrant, online, global Community of Practice and we would love for you to join us there.

Why join the TCS Community of Practice?
The TCS Community of Practice is driven by the following purpose and beliefs:
  • Collaboration holds the promise of unprecedented human progress. 
  • We can build something to really make a difference. Together.
  • The world needs to move from I to We.
  • We can and must harness the power (collective intelligence) of Team Humanity.
  • Great teams are our responsibility. Sitting back is not an option. 
  • “Unmess” the world through great collaboration* and collective intelligence.
  • We are committed to helping every team get an opportunity to realise their full potential. 
  • Humans are capable of anything, great teams are the catalyst for unlocking that capability.
How our Community of Practice fulfills its purpose honours its beliefs?
 We nurture our tribe. We commit to:
  • Providing a home, a tribe, a safe harbour for exploring, practicing and being a team coach. 
  • A place where all voices are welcome and can be heard and met. 
  • A place where we value the vulnerability and courage that it takes to practice team coaching (which is little acknowledged elsewhere as the leaning is towards team models, frameworks and theoretical constructs). 
  • Fostering a sense of belonging for all team coaches regardless of background, experience, or learning journey.
What happens over in our Community of Practice?
We provide members with a “home” to:
  • Connect through access to our community network and forum,  hangouts with fellow Team Coaches and regular online Coaching Cafe and Q&A Events.
  • Learn via Webinars, regular Coach on the Couch and Book Club events and through sharing inspiration, ideas and creative approaches.
  • Practice in the Arena with bespoke supervision sessions facilitated by our experienced faculty.
  • Research with recommended reading material, podcasts and case studies and take part in research conducted within the TCS Community.
  • Work smarter with access to paid and pro bono opportunities and a large, engaged community who you can share your questions with and explore solutions.
  • Build your practice with access to regular Social Media Marketing surgeries and hints, tips and resources on building your Team Coaching offering.  
Next steps
Click the button to be taken to the TCS Community of Practice and we will welcome you there

Upcoming events in the Community

The Key Factors Underpinning Relationships in Team Coaching: Hosted by Sue Wotruba & Sebastian Fox, join us and other members of the TCS Community to  explore the fascinating and complex subject of coaching relationships.

For more info and to RSVP click here.

26th October 1700 – 1830 UK time

Cost: Free.

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