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We are a group of experienced industry practitioners who bring knowledge, wisdom and practical know-how to the art of team coaching. Our continual drive for excellence enables us to share the very latest thinking in this fast-growing area of coaching with both passion and commitment.

We believe that great teams are our responsibility, and we must harness the power of collaboration and collective intelligence to “unmess” the world.

We believe that team coaching is about creating spaces where teams can connect, think and rewire how they work together. Team coaching is not something you do to a team; it is something you do with a team. You must develop the approach within yourself, and model it for others, to be effective in applying it to teams.

We believe that the work of a true team coach comes from the heart. It emanates from a deep trust in yourself and in the coaching process. This requires you to know yourself – what you believe in and stand for.

We believe that developing as a team coach is a process of learning through high-quality, ongoing reflection, supervision, peer support and dialogue and, most of all, practise, practise, practise.

And we foster a sense of belonging for all team coaches regardless of background or experience.

Who we are

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We believe that teams are naturally creative and resourceful. At their best they are the crucible of innovation, problem-solving and development. However, time and again teams fall short of their potential. We teach our team coaches to guide and challenge teams to work more effectively together, both within their own team and with other teams across alliances and partnerships.

We believe that to be a great team coach requires you to work on yourself and your capacity to create a strong enough container for the work, to sit in the fire when the heat rises and to use yourself as an instrument of awareness, choice and change.

Our Faculty

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Our faculty is comprised of highly experienced, practising coaches. We all walk our talk day after day and share real-world learnings with our fellow coaches and alumni.​


We are passionate about the impact professional coaching can have on individuals, teams and organisations, helping leaders and team members to become more collaborative and effective.


We are committed to helping coaches become the best they can be. We set ourselves high professional standards and levels of excellence. We continually work to exceed these standards through our ICF-accredited learning experiences as well as our mentoring and supervision services.


We aim to become the trusted learning provider within the team and executive coaching space. We treat every individual with respect, we honour our commitments, and we go the extra mile to make sure we exceed expectations. We regularly evaluate our own effectiveness so we can continue to improve and adapt our learning experiences accordingly.

Celebrating uniqueness​

We believe that each coach has a unique signature presence, which comes from their individual life experience, their learning and knowledge, and their strengths and personal style. Rather than moulding you in our image, we look to draw out this uniqueness in all our learning experiences.

People centric

We put people first and take a personal approach to everything we do because we believe that people are the driving force behind business success. Whether you are a student, customer or prospect – you are unique. We care about making sure people have the learning experience that is right for them. We are always happy to offer supportive advice and expertise and answer any questions as honestly and helpfully as we can.


Look who's talking

Thanks for the care with which you have held this Diploma Programme. You have helped us all find our voices as team coaches, underpinned by a very rich and robust philosophy. You have pulled together so many concepts, philosophies and perspectives, into a meaningful and practical approach. It has been a deep learning experience for which I will be forever grateful.

Alana Jossel

The Diploma Programme helped me find my own groove as a team coach.

Jo Hargreaves

The Team Coaching Diploma has blown my mind!... it was just what I was looking for to stretch and develop my own thinking and team coaching practice as I grow myself and my business in this space. Georgina and the team encourage exploration of our own methodology whilst modelling their own distinctiveness. This alongside a broad mix of theory and practice has been really empowering to build my confidence and congruence to who I am as a team coach. I have learnt so much about team possibility as well as how to use myself as a finely tuned instrument in service of the teams I work with. I highly recommend this course if you are serious about learning how to be a team coach from the inside out!

Lucy Thompson, ICF ACC Director, Quest Perspective

A thought-provoking learning experience with a mindset and philosophy that seems to set Team Coaching Studio apart from others who provide this type of training

Sue Noble

I would recommend the Team Coaching Fundamentals course to anyone who is looking to truly understand what team coaching is and wants to develop the skills and tools to help their journey to be a great team coach. The level of depth in Module 1 was superb, the ability to learn at my own pace and go back over information for as long as I needed really supported my learning style. Module 2 brought even more depth of information and a focus on practical experience within a supportive learning group and of course learning from two great coaches - Georgina and Allard. Thank you!

Melanie Allen, Team Coaching Fundamentals student

A heartfelt thank you for a fabulous learning experience. Thank you for your support, challenge and for creating a rich experience in modelling team coaching. I have learnt loads and see the opportunity for even more learning and deepening my learning to date. I feel excited and privileged to be a part of TCS and the team coaching movement.

Tracy Cleghorn, Team Coaching Diploma student


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