About Team Coaching Studio

Team Coaching Studio was founded to provide a pathway to mastery for Team Coaches.

Our Journey to Team Coaching

CEO and Principal Georgina Woudstra, MCC and International Faculty Lead, Allard de Jong, have been pivotal in the Team Coaching movement from its inception, to discipline and accreditation.

Georgina Woudstra

MCC, ACTC, Accredited Supervisor

Georgina has been on a 20 year journey, authoring the industry-acclaimed book, Mastering the Art of Team Coaching and campaigning for professional bodies to recognise team coaching as a distinct discipline in the field, requiring specific knowledge, skills and capabilities. 

Allard de Jong

PCC, ACTC, Accredited Supervisor

Allard, a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF, has been coaching internationally since 2001, working with executives in such organisations as McDonald’s, Warner Brothers, Procter & Gamble and many more. His mission is to help people think and work together better. One team at a time.

In 2022 Georgina & Allard became amongst the first coaches in the world to be awarded the ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC).

“We live and breathe Team Coaching; we’re still studying. We don’t have all the answers, we keep learning! This is still the early days of an emerging discipline, and that’s what makes it so exciting”

– Georgina Woudstra, TCS Principal

Our Focus - Growing Together

Leading the way in Team Coaching, TCS specifically focuses on the methods, the frameworks, and the practicalities of team coaching. 

We also take you beyond the pre-planned ‘workshop’ approach, enabling you to become a catalyst for awareness, choice and change – in real time! The journey to mastering Team Coaching is less about learning the toolkit and more about growing yourself.

Our Team Coaches underpin their practice with their own philosophy and stance, in order to bring their whole, unique Self to their practice.

Our community provides ongoing professional development, networking and support. It keeps our connections and learning alive.

In this way, we all grow together.

“The Team Coaching Diploma has blown my mind!
Georgina & the team encourage exploration of our own methodology whilst modelling their own distinctiveness. This alongside a broad mix of theory and practice has been really empowering to build my confidence and congruence to who I am as a Team Coach.”

– Lucy Thompson. ICF ACC, Director Quest Perspective