Creating great team coaches

We are committed to training and supporting team coaches who can help teams unlock their full potential.

At Team Coaching Studio we believe that collaboration holds the promise of unprecedented human progress and that together we can really make a difference.

We are committed to training and supporting team coaches who can help teams unlock their full potential so that the world can shift from I to We.

We provide internationally recognised, ICF-accredited programmes that give independent and in-house coaches as well as L&D and HR professionals the skills to become exemplary team coaches through enquiry, practice and intense personal learning experiences.

We do this by providing a home, a tribe, a safe harbour for exploring, practising and being a team coach. A place where all voices are welcome, where the vulnerability and courage that it takes to practise team coaching are valued. And we foster a sense of belonging for all team coaches regardless of background or experience.

Choose your Team Coaching Journey

Become A team Coach

We provide internationally recognised ICF accredited team coaching programmes and courses. Our programmes are all led by experienced industry practitioners who bring knowledge, wisdom and practical know-how, helping you realise your potential and inspire success.

Team Coaching Solutions

We help organisations to identity effective ways of working, agreeing and progressing towards measurable outcomes. We use our expertise to ask the right questions and ensure the process is provoking the team to challenge itself and try new approaches that translate their work together into tangible progress.

Team Coaching Capability

Level up your in-house coaches and/or team leaders with bespoke and flexible Team Coaching Training, delivered in person or live online. Drawing from our many years of equipping team coaches worldwide with top- kills, we’ll craft a unique training program designed to help you build, develop and manage your own team coaching capability.


Team Coaching Community

MEET is our vibrant free community where you can continue to connect and grow your network with more than 1000 coaches, ...

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Team Coaching Certificate

The TCS Team Coaching Certificate is for experienced coaches who want to meet the increased demand for competent, confident team ...

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Team Coaching Diploma

At TCS, we are the founders of the team coaching movement. Team coaching is our only focus, and has been ...

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Who we are

Our philosophy

We believe that teams are naturally creative and resourceful. At their best they are the crucible of innovation, problem-solving and development. However, time and again teams fall short of their potential. We teach our team coaches to guide and challenge teams to work more effectively together, both within their own team and with other teams across alliances and partnerships.

We believe that to be a great team coach requires you to work on yourself and your capacity to create a strong enough container for the work, to sit in the fire when the heat rises and to use yourself as an instrument of awareness, choice and change.

Our Team

Meet our amazing team

Carol Fogarty

Community Lead
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Kelly Drewery

Head of Corporate Delivery
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Louise Sheppard

Supervision Lead
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Emily Jones

Faculty Team
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John McKay

Faculty Team
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Mary Morand

Faculty Team
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Carroll Macey

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Lead
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Sebastian Fox

Head of Research
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International Faculty Lead
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Georgina Woudstra

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What we offer

Why train with us

We meet people where they are, rather than look down from the guru position.

We care about every one of our students and welcome them into the TCS family.

We give coaches confidence by removing the barriers to learning and stretching them to their full potential.

We are not formulaic. We don’t offer ‘paint by numbers’ training. We allow you to stay true to yourself as a coach, helping you to find your own path while guiding you along the way.

We provide the framework to help you achieve the accreditation you need.

We run small group trainings with two faculty members – and no more than six students per faculty member.

We are on a continual drive for team coaching excellence, which enables us to share the very latest thinking in this fast-growing area of coaching.

Georgina Woudstra

Mastering the Art of Team Coaching

A comprehensive guide to unleashing the power, purpose and potential in any team


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Look who's talking

Thanks for the care with which you have held this Diploma Programme. You have helped us all find our voices as team coaches, underpinned by a very rich and robust philosophy. You have pulled together so many concepts, philosophies and perspectives, into a meaningful and practical approach. It has been a deep learning experience for which I will be forever grateful.

Alana Jossel

The Diploma Programme helped me find my own groove as a team coach.

Jo Hargreaves

The Team Coaching Diploma has blown my mind!... it was just what I was looking for to stretch and develop my own thinking and team coaching practice as I grow myself and my business in this space. Georgina and the team encourage exploration of our own methodology whilst modelling their own distinctiveness. This alongside a broad mix of theory and practice has been really empowering to build my confidence and congruence to who I am as a team coach. I have learnt so much about team possibility as well as how to use myself as a finely tuned instrument in service of the teams I work with. I highly recommend this course if you are serious about learning how to be a team coach from the inside out!

Lucy Thompson, ICF ACC Director, Quest Perspective

A thought-provoking learning experience with a mindset and philosophy that seems to set Team Coaching Studio apart from others who provide this type of training

Sue Noble

I would recommend the Team Coaching Fundamentals course to anyone who is looking to truly understand what team coaching is and wants to develop the skills and tools to help their journey to be a great team coach. The level of depth in Module 1 was superb, the ability to learn at my own pace and go back over information for as long as I needed really supported my learning style. Module 2 brought even more depth of information and a focus on practical experience within a supportive learning group and of course learning from two great coaches - Georgina and Allard. Thank you!

Melanie Allen, Team Coaching Fundamentals student

A heartfelt thank you for a fabulous learning experience. Thank you for your support, challenge and for creating a rich experience in modelling team coaching. I have learnt loads and see the opportunity for even more learning and deepening my learning to date. I feel excited and privileged to be a part of TCS and the team coaching movement.

Tracy Cleghorn, Team Coaching Diploma student