Annual Retreat

An invitation to transform yourself and your approach to team coaching.

In a nutshell

Where: Winchester, UK

Your Hosts:  Georgina Woudstra and Allard De Jong

When: 8th to 12th July 2024

Cost: £1,850 if booked before 31 March 2024


Do you dare to step boldly into your team coaching practice?

Discover what the 2024 Summer Retreat Includes

This year’s theme is Acts of Courage in Team Coaching

In a world where the status quo often goes unchallenged, the role of a team coach is to be the catalyst for courageous conversations and transformative actions.

Team Coaching Studio invites you to our third annual retreat in the historic city of Winchester, UK, centered around the compelling theme: Acts of Courage. 


Why Courage?

Virtue Meets Skill:

Courage is not just a noble quality; it’s a skill to be honed. It’s the linchpin that transforms good coaches into great ones.

Intervention Impact:

The ability to intervene effectively with clients often hinges on the courage to address the uncomfortable. Courage empowers us to navigate the complexities of team dynamics and organizational culture.

Dare to transform, one act of courage at a time

Our Retreat unfolds in the historic and serene setting of Winchester, beginning with a journey into courage and its role in team coaching, followed by immersive workshops with Teresa Wilson.  Teresa will guide you through the intricacies of the Language of Shadow through a workshop that will journey into the depths of your unconscious, unlocking resources and capabilities that have yet to be integrated into your coaching practice, and expanding the field of your presence exponentially.

We’ll explore how can we take care of ourselves when we slip into a place of fear, self-doubt or self-consciousness, through the Language of Shadow. With opportunities to pause, practice, connect and reflect, the Retreat will ensure you leave with not just knowledge, but wisdom ready to be applied.

About our Guest Speaker: Teresa Wilson

Teresa is a PCC certified coach who has worked as a trainer and facilitator for over 20 years, and as a coach for 10 years.

What to Expect

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

– Georgina Woudstra

An outline of what our week together will look like

…taking some time to get to know each other and build the container for the week ahead. We will explore our relationship with courage and how it plays out in team coaching. In the evening, we join for information drinks in a nearby pub (optional).

…we will workshop our shadow with Teresa, exploring the Language of Shadow and Projection, Polarities, Parts and Patterns.

On Wednesday late afternoon/early evening, we will have a beautiful reflective walk around the ancient labyrinth at the top of St Catherine’s Hill, which overlooks Winchester (optional).

…we will put our new insights into action, intervening with our newfound courage to act in team coaching simulations and also exploring real-life situations through intervention.

In the evening, we will join together for a meal at a local restaurant (optional).

…we bring all this together, integrating our learning individually and collectively before we depart at lunch time.

Is the TCS Retreat right for you?

Maybe you’ve only just discovered this thing called Team Coaching? Or you are curious to expand your knowledge…

…wherever you’re at in your Team Coaching journey, the Retreat is an inspiring, challenging and supportive space for us all to come together.

The Retreat is perfect for you if you’re an independent or in-house coach, or HR and L&D professional and…

“The TCS tribe created a perfect space for learning, reflection and connection. I didn’t know how much I needed all three until I got there! The blend of structure and free space was perfect for some personal meaning-making – I left with a new spring in my step!”

– Emily J

Let’s get into the details


The Retreat schedule is split into different parts to allow a full breadth of learning and experiential experiences.

You’ll get the chance to practise and hone your craft during supervision sessions. Contemplate and make meaning within reflective sessions. 

But, importantly, the programme allows space for you to unwind and recharge your batteries – this is a retreat, not a conference!

“The TCS 2023 Coaching retreat with the theme of Power, was the most enriching experience for me both as an individual and a team coach. The week was organised to allow our learning (and application) and confidence to build and develop. In addition, being in a community of coaches was supportive and nourishing, a safe learning environment had been established early on. Georgina and Allard are attentive hosts and exceedingly knowledgeable when working with the concept of team coaching. The venue was ideal and beautiful, with Winchester well placed for eating and entertaining.”

– Susi T

Who is Team Coaching Studio?

Team Coaching Studio offers internationally recognised ICF-accredited programmes for independent and in-house coaches.

Georgina Woudstra and Allard De Jong are the dynamic duo behind Team Coaching Studio and they will be your Retreat hosts. They have been pivotal in the team coaching movement from its inception, to getting the discipline accredited.

Georgina has been coaching since the ‘80’s and is the author of the industry-acclaimed book, Mastering the Art of Team Coaching. Georgina passionately believes that teams need to work together brilliantly for organisations to thrive, today and in the future.

Allard has been coaching internationally since 2001, believing that we are slowly forgetting how to be together, think together and work together. And surely collaboration holds the promise of unprecedented human progress, real progress. Allard’s mission is to help people think and work together better. One team at a time.

“The TCS Retreat is a place for personal growth, learning in relationship with others, and community connection – not to be missed!”

– Mary M

Meet the Speakers

See below our speakers and hosts for our upcoming retreat. 
Click on their image to discover who will be joining us.

Teresa Wilson PCC

Teresa  has worked as a trainer and facilitator for over 20 years, and as a coach for over 10 years through Teresa Wilson Coaching. She currently delivers training and coaching for senior leaders and has a passion for compassion and whole person integration.

Georgina Woudstra MCC & ACTC

Georgina believes that teams need to work together brilliantly for their organisations to thrive, today and in the future. As such, she is a a global advocate, leader and shaper in the coaching profession in the field of team coaching.  

Allard De Jong PCC, ACTC

Allard’s coaching focus has been on leadership development in large organisations. His work centres on one or more aspects of emotional intelligence and he is thankful for the opportunity to transfer coaching skills to those he works with.

Questions You Might Be Thinking

We’ve created a space for up to 25 people. This provides the right balance for the numbers needed for interactive sessions and the feel of an intimate group able to be open and to connect.

All sessions, as well as mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshments, are included in the price of the Retreat. The price does not include main meals, travel or accommodation.

Chesil house is located in central Winchester within walking distance of the train station, coach station, pubs, eateries, entertainment venue and the Cathedral. There is no parking at the venue itself. If you have access requirements, please let us know.

We will confirm the Retreat is running when we reach minimum numbers and no less than 30 days before the event start. If you make any travel or accomodation plans before the programme is confirmed, please ensure you are familar with the provider’s cancellation policy.

Once you have booked your ticket, you will be directed to an online space just for fellow retreat attendees – we will share accomodation ideas there.

Still got a question? Email us at and we’re happy to help.

We get that life happens. If you cancel more than 90 days before the Retreat start date you will get a 100% refund. After that, the percentage refund decreased in line with our cancelation policy. You may also transfer your space to a colleague or peer, for a small admin fee. For full cancellation details head here.

Still got a question? Email us at  and we’re happy to help.

Have a sense that you need something like this?

Our aim in coming together through this Retreat is for you to:

  • Grow your confidence in yourself and your ability as a Team Coach
  • Connect with other Team Coaches and build relationships for future opportunities and to feel part of a wider community
  • Explore and understand your own philosophies as a Team Coach and how you can be an instrument for change

“An inspiring, challenging, supportive space to meet other Team Coaches, learn, reflect and grow. Great sessions. Great energy.” 

– Sandra W

After the powerful insights, amazing feedback and restful surroundings of 2023, we’re excited to host the Team Coaching Retreat again for 2024. 

We relish this opportunity to come together and share our collective wisdom (as well as a few war stories) and immerse ourselves in one of the most exciting and transformative disciplines in our industry.

See you there,

Georgina and Allard