Team Selfie Diagnostic Tool


An effective team is more than the sum of its parts, and teams don’t become effective by working on the parts – they do this by working on the whole.

This whole is a bit like an iceburg with some things visible above the surface, such as what gets delivered day to day. Yet so much more is happening below the waterline, such as how it changes shape and moves in response to the currents in its underwater ecosystem.

What does it cover?

The Team Selfie is informed by the experiences of the TCS faculty in coaching hundreds of teams to become high performing.  Its framework is informed by Harrison’s Waterline Model to examine the different levels of intervention that might be taken to help the team.  The assessment is based on four levels under the waterline:

  • Clarity and alignment (such as vision and direction, roles and responsibilities)
  • Team processes (such as decision making, structure, team environment)
  • Interpersonal (such as communication and relationships)
  • Intrapersonal (leadership and team behaviour)

You are in control of the exact design of your team assessment. All teams are different and what makes one high performing is not necessarily what makes the next high performing. What matters to the team is what gets measured so they can take ownership of the results. 

How does it work?

You select which questions to ask the team based on their current context, maturity and priorities. The Team Selfie comprises 144 core questions across 7 categories. It is recommended that you pick between 10 and 60 questions for the team as well as one or two open questions for people to add comments. There is an opportunity to create your own measured and open text questions. It is also fantastic as a before-and-after assessment, providing a measure of the progress that the team has made.

Having selected which questions to include in the online assessment, you can then arrange the distribution and return all from within the tool. Once designed, the assessment can then be sent to team members from within the tool. Each person receives an email in real time with an invite to complete the bespoke assessment. Once all have completed the assessment, you can then access a collated report which illustrates which level, or levels, of intervention might be required.

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