Moving From "I" to "We" through Team Coaching

Coaching Uncaged Podcast, July 2022, An Interview with Georgina Woudstra

Georgina Woudstra takes us on a journey through team coaching as she’s interviewed by Coaching Uncaged host, Yannick Jacob.

Team Coaching Zone: On the Being of a Team Coach

 with Georgina Woudstra & Dr Krister Lower

Coaching at Work Podcast

Georgina talks with Coaching at Work Magazine Editor, Liz Hall, April 2020

Georgina discusses how approaches to team coaching have changed over the years and what mistakes she has made along the way.  Fundamentally, she talks about what team coaching means to her and offers some valuable tips for coaching teams.   

The Game of Teams, Georgina talks with Tara Nolan, September 2019

Listen to the podcast “The Game of Teams” in which Tara Nolan interviews Georgina Woudstra. The Games of Teams series is designed to help you, whether you are a team member or a leader, to get traction on the things that matter most. In this interview Georgina talks about the importance of planting the seeds for a team to be set up for success, rather than relying on team coaches to work with the team at a later date.

Lifting The Lid - Episode 105

 The one where we ask what makes the sugar sweet in team coaching

Celebrating the We! The Coaching Studio podcast

Georgina talks with Lyssa de Hart, MCC December 2022

This podcast features fun, lively conversations with masterful coaches who are creating an impact. Get to know them, their journey into coaching, and discover what wisdom they would offer you about being a better coach.

(386) #InsightsSharing Georgina Woudstra (Executive & Team Coaching Expert)

Clare and Steve welcome Georgina Woudstra to the podcast to acknowledge the growth in team coaching and to ask, what is good team coaching and how do we get good supervision for the challenges that arise for a team coach? November 2022

Mastering the Art of Team Coaching

Coaching Inn Podcast: “In Conversation with Georgina Woudstra”, July 2021

Team and Group Coaching: The Basics

Group Coaching HQ Podcast, Georgina Woudstra 

Join Georgina Woudstra, author of “Mastering the Art of Team Coaching” and Dominique Mas, founder of Group Coaching HQ in a conversation that highlights the skills team and group coaches need to develop.

Team Coaching Zone Podcast: EPISODE #088 - ON "THE BEING OF A TEAM COACH

Team Coaching Supervision on Lifting the Lid on Coaching Supervision (spreaker.com) – Georgina talking with Clare Norman and Steve Ridgly, Jan 2023 

Association for Coaching, “The Future of Coaching is Team Coaching Podcast Series”,

Welcome to the first episode in our new podcast series on team coaching. Our two hosts, Georgina Woudstra and Allard de Jong of the Team Coaching Studio, will be holding informative conversations to share their expertise and passion for this topic, 2022.

Real Team Coaching: Coaching Competencies in Action w/ Georgina Woudstra

Learning in Action Podinar Oct 2022: