A Journey Towards Self-Discovery and Team Coach Mastery

Discover what’s within yourself and learn the skills to make a greater impact, with the Team Coaching Diploma.

The Team Coaching Diploma is a 9-month immersive, ICF and AC accredited programme led by internationally-renowned team coaches. 

In a high-support, high-challenge environment, together we’ll go beyond competencies and frameworks, to focus on who you are as the practitioner. 

You’ll develop the confidence and skills to enable long-lasting change within high-performing teams.


Course Fee

£7,997 + VAT

Completion Time

9 months


8 – 16


FREE community access from enrollment until 2 months after your programme ends


Live Virtual Classes + Online Course

Accredited Course

ICF Advanced Accreditation in Team Coaching (AATC)

AC Accredited Diploma in Team Coach Training (ADTCT)

Do you ever ask yourself why people don’t want to change?

Or what could be keeping them stuck?  

As coaches, many of us can become frustrated that the progress made within sessions doesn’t last long enough to make a real difference in team performance. 

We check in months later to hear ‘we’re too busy to change’ or that groups ‘behave’ when we are in the room, but old habits soon slip back when left to their own devices. 

Our Team Coaching Diploma teaches you the emergent skills needed to bring your whole, present self to your coaching practice.

You’ll learn to put the team in the driving seat, enabling the space and the safe container to help them find their own meaning, by asking the right questions.

This is the key to remarkable and sustainable change.  

“I liked the ethos of the fact that it was emergent. You don’t take a team through a process. 

It’s about being in the room with the team and dealing with what comes up and creating that space for the team to deal with it themselves”

– Emily Jones

The Diploma is perfect for you if….
What’s included in the Diploma?


Designed by renowned master-certified coach Georgina Woudstra and Course Director Allard de Jong, the Diploma in Team Coaching consists of interactive, virtual sessions and immersive group experiences. 

The Diploma in Team Coaching is made up of:

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Upcoming Programme Dates

Spring 2024

Course Leaders: Allard de Jong, Georgina Woudstra supported by TCS Faculty

Delivery: Online only

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Language: English

Price: £7,997 + VAT

Times: 2-6pm UK time (For conversion to your local time, go to


Thur 14 March (Orientation)

Thur 28 March

Thur 11 April

Thur 25 April

Thur 9 May

Thur 23 May

Thur 6 June

Thur 20 June

Thur 27 June (Supervision session: 3 – 5.30pm UK time)

Wed 3 July

Thur 18 July

Thur 25 July

Thur 5 Sept

Thur 19 Sept

Thur 3 Oct

Thur 17 Oct

Thur 24 Oct (Supervision session: 3 – 5.30pm UK time)

Thur 31 Oct

Wed 13 Nov

Thur 14 Nov

Fri 15 Nov

If you would like to discuss a payment plan or early bird offers please contact

Want to see what we’re all about before committing to the Diploma?
Come along to one of our free 'Intro to Team Coaching’ sessions.

Discover how to elevate your skills in this free 90-minute session for individual, group or beginner team coaches. 

We’ll share some of the techniques and team coaching methods that’ll give you the confidence to tackle team challenges. As well as answer all your burning questions on the Diploma, so you can make sure it’s a right fit for you.


Tuesday, 26th March 2024
4pm – 5:30pm UK time

Tuesday, 23rd April 2024
4pm – 5:30pm UK time

“You have helped us all find our voices as team coaches, underpinned by a rich and robust philosophy.

You have pulled together so many concepts, philosophies and perspectives into a meaningful and practical approach.

It has been a deep learning experience for which I will be forever grateful.”

– Alana Jossel

Certification and Accreditation

Once you have fulfilled the programme requirements for attendance, participation and submissions, you will be awarded the Diploma in Team Coaching.

This will give you all the training hours, observed practice and supervision you need to apply for your ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching ACTC or your AC AMTC. 

More details can be found on the ICF website or the Association for Coaching website.

Who are your Team Coaching Diploma leaders?

The Team Coaching Studio was founded to provide a pathway to professional accreditation and mastery for coaches. 

We give you the knowledge and confidence to be a catalyst for change and progress, as together we shift from doing team coaching to being team coaches.

Our CEO and Principal Georgina Woudstra, MCC and International Faculty Lead, Allard de Jong, have been pivotal in the team coaching movement from its inception, to discipline accreditation. 

In 2022 Georgina & Allard became amongst the first coaches in the world to be awarded the ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC). 


Hear from our Diploma Graduates
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“The TCS Diploma difference is that it is so personal, it’s that Georgina and Allard are doing it personally”

– Maha Alusi

“I feel more peace and confidence than ever before.”

– Caroline Duffy

“The Diploma helped me find my own groove as a team coach.”

– Jo Hargreaves

“I feel more confident in my coaching style now.”

Nick Regan

After your journey through the Team Coaching Diploma you will be able to…
Feeling ready, but still got a question?

It is ideal for executive coaches, OD professionals, facilitators, and consultants who want to provide a high quality and impactful team coaching service

We ask that applicants:

  • have experience of working with groups and/or teams.
  • have a good understanding of the core competencies of coaching and be able to demonstrate these competencies in your practice
    • for those with formal coach training, these are defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Association for Coaching (AC) or those another credible coaching professional body
    • for those who are not formally trained coaches, you may have developed similar skills through other professional routes like counselling, psychology or leadership development
  • have completed or be willing to complete the e-learning course Team Coaching Fundamentals and read Mastering the Art of Team Coaching by Georgina Woudstra. Both are included in the Diploma programme materials.
  • have completed the Team Coaching Studio (TCS) Certificate in Team Coaching, or to have been awarded an exemption from this by a TCS Diploma course leader due to other training or experience

You will be part of a small, multicultural cohort . Your programme will be run by TCS faculty, led by TCS Founder Georgina Woudstra (MCC/ACTC) and Director of Training Allard de Jong (PCC/ACTC) 

Host to student ratios will not exceed 1:8

As well as the advertised zoom dates for orientation, taught modules, practicums and final presentations we recommend you set aside:

  • 1 hour per week for the duration of the programme for your small team activities.
  • 1 hour per week for the duration of the programme for personal reflective practice and to complete your assignments.
  • Time as agreed with your small team for your team project work.

You are also invited to attend the arranged 2 x 2.5 hours group supervision sessions for your cohort.

We ask that all participants read Georgina’s book, “Mastering the Art of Team Coaching” and compete the self guided e-learning programme Team Coaching Fundamentals. TCF takes approximately 12 hours to complete.

You are also required to read and digest the code of ethics provided by your coaching professional body.

All pre-reading is contained within the resources section of your private online space for your cohort.

You will integrate your learning by coaching a real-life client team. This will form the material for your team coaching case study essay, as well as support your development by applying your learning to a real-life team.  This might be paid work, a team in your organisation or completed pro bono. You are required to coach a real work team for a minimum of 3 x 90-minute sessions

The programme cohort will be organised into small teams (sub-groups within the cohort). Each team is charged with undertaking a small team project, with the goal of making a contribution to the profession.

The Diploma is accredited for the new ICF Advanced Accreditation in Team Coaching (AATC).

For ICF accredited coaches, it means that you will have a straightforward, simple education path towards achieving your advanced certification (ACTC).

The Diploma has also been awarded the AC’s Accredited Diploma in Team Coach Training (ADTCT). Once you have the required team coaching experience, you will be able to apply for Accredited Master Team Coach (AMTC), the highest level of team coaching credential available.

You are expected to attend, and fully participate in, all sessions and modules.  

We understand that life happens so in exceptional circumstances, you may miss up to two sessions and still be awarded your Diploma. This is on the proviso that you watch the recordings and submit a reflection piece.

Please note, missing more than 30 minutes of any one session constitutes a missed session.

We periodically run early bird discounts. Please enquire on your application for any discounts we are currently running.

It is important to us, to you and your cohort that the Diploma is the right fit for you.

To ensure this we ask that all potential participants complete an application form.

Unless you have trained with us before or been referred by a member of faculty, we are likely to ask you to attend a short, free online meeting with a Senior Faculty member.

Once you have been accepted onto the programme, you can secure your spot either by paying the full amount or setting up a payment plan. 

Places cannot be guaranteed until the first installment is paid.


ICF AATC training hours (ie. the TCS Diploma) can be used to apply for credentials and credential renewals. They are considered ACSTH/Level 1 in regards to credentials or all Core Competencies for renewing.

Got more questions? Book a call with Allard:

For more terms and conditions, including refund policies click here.

“It’s often said that the journey to becoming a coach is as much a journey of self-discovery as anything else, and I can certainly relate to that as I reflect on many learnings and experiences along the way that have shifted the way I think, feel and behave. 

The most profound of these has unquestionably been the Team Coaching Diploma. 

My aim in taking the Diploma was to increase in my understanding of teams, how they work, and how to coach them; I was expecting a suite of tools and approaches, some academic underpinnings and a few tips along the way. 

I got all of these and so much more. My coaching is more grounded in who I am and where I find my purpose, my understanding of presence and how to deploy it has increased significantly, and my confidence to ’sit in the fire’ amid the chaos has grown. 

The experience curated by Georgina and her team has impacted not just my work as a team coach, but I feel its effect across all of my work, and indeed beyond”

– Andy Fryer

Be in the top 2% of Masterful Team Coaches in the World

With the Team Coaching Diploma, you’ll get a pathway to professional accreditation with the two largest coaching professional bodies (ICF & AC).