Join Team Coaching Studio’s Georgina Woudstra & Allard de Jong


The skills you need to deliver emergent coaching, support teams to thrive and make a lasting impact.

… and why the usual 1:1 and facilitation methods don’t work within the complexities of a team dynamic.

Want to grow your business through helping teams work together to create lasting, sustainable change? Then join us!

Monday 2nd October 2023 – 4.00pm BST

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Ever felt frustrated when teams revert back to old habits after coaching?
Do you feel that you can do facilitation, but struggle with the idea of emergent coaching? 

The complexities of a team – from power struggles to personality clashes – mean when transitioning from individuals to teams, many coaches feel frustrated by the lack of lasting results. 

Come learn how you can elevate your skills in this free session for individual, group or beginner team coaches. We’ll share some of the techniques and team coaching methods that’ll give you the confidence to tackle team challenges, without stepping in as the meaning-maker.

How Team Coaching is Transforming The World of Coaching

  • What’s different about Team Coaching, that’s not so obvious.
  • Why the future of coaching IS team coaching.
  • Understand why more and more coaches are getting into Team Coaching.

The Impact Team Coaching Has Over Other Types of Team Development

  • How team coaching differs from other team interventions.
  • How to increase your impact as a coach using the Team Coaching Studio methodology.
  • How team coaching delivers sustainable change.

How to Upskill Yourself to Create More Impact Through Team Coaching

  • How you can become Certified as a Team Coach through our Diploma.
  • The impact Team coaching skills will have on your bottom line revenue.
  • What you will get from learning from us. 

Monday 2nd October 2023 – 4.00pm BST

Meet Your Hosts

Georgina Woudstra 

Georgina has been on a 20 year journey, authoring the industry-acclaimed book, Mastering the Art of Team Coaching and campaigning for professional bodies to recognise team coaching as a distinct discipline in the field, requiring specific knowledge, skills and capabilities. 

Allard de Jong

Allard, a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF, has been coaching internationally since 2001, working with executives in such organisations as McDonald’s, Warner Brothers, Procter & Gamble and many more. His mission is to help people think and work together better. One team at a time.



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