Purpose & Core Mission

Our mission to help you master the skills of Team Coaching and become the catalyst for change. One team at a time.

Our Core Purpose

Team Coaching Studio exists to help you, the coach, master the skills of Team Coaching and become the catalyst for change, advancing collaboration in organisations worldwide.

Team Coaching is a vital process whereby a coach works with a workplace team to help them to increase the effectiveness of how they work together as a team.. 

Mastering Team Coaching shifts you from doing Team Coaching, to being a Team Coach.

It involves supporting the team to achieve its goals, to overcome obstacles and enhance their collaboration and communication.

Throughout the process, the coach goes above and beyond, acting as the catalyst for awareness, choice and change within the teams they work with. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to give Coaches the knowledge, confidence and skills to master Team Coaching, helping them serve at the highest level and build a sustainable business through our accredited Diploma programme.

The challenges faced by organisations and the globe cannot be solved by individual ‘hero’ leaders.

Collaboration holds the key to unprecedented human progress.