In your journey to master Team Coaching, receiving ongoing Supervision to help and guide you is a powerful way of building your skill sets.

Apply for Group Supervision

Cost: From £1200 + VAT

Team coaching Supervision is distinctly different from coach mentoring.

Mentoring is about developing your competencies as a Team Coach. The aim of coaching supervision is to support your ongoing personal growth and development as a coach.

Team coaching can be deeply rewarding, and it can also be very challenging work on many levels! It can test you morally and ethically, you can get hooked by team dynamics, or consumed by the system and unable to see a way through. 

If you are intending to apply for your ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC), you will need 5 hours of team coaching supervision with an accredited supervisor. See the ICF website for more information.

Supervision provides you with the support and challenge you need on the road to mastery as a Team Coach.

There are many coach supervisors available to choose from for one-to-one coaching, however very few are qualified supervisors, and practised and experienced Team Coaches.

Team Coaching is way more complex and demanding than one-to-one coaching, so we recommend that all practising Team Coaches receive ongoing supervision from our professional qualified Team Coaching supervisors.  Our qualified supervisors are Georgina Woudstra, ICF MCC and Allard de Jong ICF PCC. They are also both ACTC accredited.

“We all grow best when we feel safe enough to be challenged, safe enough to be adventurous, safe enough to disclose and admit mistakes – when we’re not afraid of exposure.

We grow best where equality is present and power is available to each and appropriately deployed- where responsibility can be negotiated and promises made and held to.

In such a relationship, what was opaque can become clear and what has been in the darkness can be enjoyed in the light.”

Cochrane & Newton, 2017

Upcoming Programme Dates

Fall 2023

Course Leaders: Mary Morand

Delivery: Online only

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Language: English

Times: 4 – 6pm UK time (For conversion to your local time, go to

24th October 2023

12th December 2023

30th January 2024

19th March 2024

30th April 2024