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Team Coaching Solutions

Team Coaching Solutions

Team Coaching Studio provides external team coaching interventions. We coach your teams. We also train your in-house team coaches and team leaders to coach your teams. When we upskill your own talent pool, we call it Team Coaching Capability. When we coach, we call it Team Coaching Solutions.

Team Coaching Solutions

Our role as your partner is to instil the skills needed for effective collaboration within the team and more widely, to support you in identifying effective ways of working, agreeing and progressing towards measurable outcomes. We use our expertise to ask the right questions and ensure the process is provoking the team to challenge itself and try new approaches that translate their work together into tangible progress. We work with you to create a sense of psychological safety underpinned by trust and open dialogue. We hold a mirror up to the group and use observation to challenge and feed back on what we’re noticing.

As the leading specialist in our field, we have trained hundreds of team coaches to build a global network of dedicated, accomplished and accredited people. TCS coaches have a unique combination of training, experience and qualities that creates a different and authentic style to how they work with you. The difference you’ll experience with TCS coaches is that they have the credibility and skill to hold the space when things get difficult. Our job is to ensure the group learn how to overcome situations that might derail them enabling them to quickly get back on track.

Team coaching will move you beyond the camaraderie of away days where resolve and ideas stay on the flip chart and in the bar. If your team is committed to long-term growth and improvement, this is for you.

“Georgina challenged us to focus on what was important. She made it safe for us to explore issues that were critical to the outcomes we are trying to achieve.”

– FTSE 250 Executive Board

Researchers found that high-performing teams within organisations provided 23% more economic benefit than other comparable groups, and similarly, that teams have 29% more financial return when they have a clear purpose and common understanding of goals. Yet only one or two out of 10 teams consider themselves high-performing…

Our purpose is to develop team capability to impact on organisational success through team coaching. It’s about long-term team enablement rather than simply facilitating a group to set and meet instrumental outcomes. It’s about moving from “I” to “we”.


“You have helped us all find our voices as team coaches, underpinned by a very rich and robust philosophy. You have pulled together so many concepts, philosophies and perspectives into a meaningful and practical approach. It has been a deep learning experience for which I will be forever grateful.”

Alana Jossel