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The Team Coaching Diploma is an immersive, ICF-accredited programme for coaches who want to make a bigger impact, designed by renowned master certified coach Georgina Woudstra. It is a comprehensive guide to unleashing the power, purpose and potential in any team.

Programme description

Team coaching is the fastest-growing discipline for professional coaches. However, becoming a great team coach takes knowledge, skill and personal mastery. We will guide you on your journey and offer you the insight and support to shine.

The Team Coaching Diploma runs twice per year ending with an exhilarating and celebratory final module where you will present your model and methodology, case study and learning journey. You will also demonstrate your team coaching in action.

Stand out from the Crowd

The TCS Diploma is designed to empower you to stand out from the crowd as a team coach by achieving the four Cs:

  • Confidence – overcome your fears to coach in the most challenging situations
  • Competence – learn to apply the coaching skills and intervene effectively
  • Coherence – integrate concepts and tools into a meaningful, holistic approach
  • Congruence – develop a style that is true to who you are as a team coach

With our guidance, you will become an impactful team coach with a distinctive personal style who solves problems, creates change and achieves sustainable results.

Programme prerequisites

Once you have completed the Team Coaching Certificate or an equivalent qualification with another training provider, you are invited to join us for the Team Coaching Diploma.

If you obtained your certificate with another provider or aren’t sure if the Team Coaching Diploma is the right next step for you, then contact senior faculty member Allard de Jong here to arrange a free  Zoom call to tailor your bespoke team coaching journey.

Why choose the Team Coaching Diploma?

Becoming a team coach is a life-changing experience that will dramatically increase the impact you can have as a coach and empower you to create a sustainable and rewarding coaching business.

As a professional team coach, you will have the opportunity to create positive change and achieve extraordinary results with teams and organisations.

We know the journey to mastery as a team coach has plenty of bumps in the road, so we invite you to think of the TCS faculty and coaches as your tribe. You will become a lifelong member of our Team Coaching Community, and we will support, challenge and champion you as you take your practice into the business world.

Our Faculty

Our faculty are all practising team coaches with years of experience, stories and examples to share. Rather than offering a homogenised approach, we celebrate and value our diversity and believe it offers many ways for you to think, explore and discover who you are as a team coach.

How is the Team Coaching Diploma structured?

The programme delivers a stimulating, practical and highly effective learning experience through 18 live online sessions over Zoom.

What will I learn?

The Diploma will focus on our 3 Meta Skills and 12 team coaching competencies that will be taught parallel to the ICF’s 8 Core and Team Coaching Competencies and AC’s 11 Team Coaching Competencies. This is possible thanks to the significant overlap between the three (TCS, ICF, AC) approaches.
The Diploma will be delivered virtually only to cater to students globally, in 18 sessions of 4 hours each.

To further embed your learning, you will also work with small groups in your cohort on “fast track” assignments. We anticipate this will take approximately three hours per month.

Pre Reading

Before starting the programme, we recommend you read Georgina’s book Mastering the Art of Team Coaching: a comprehensive guide to unleashing any team’s power, purpose and potential.

The Small Print

The TCS Team Coaching Diploma and ICF CCEUS will be awarded to participants who meet these criteria:

– timely attendance and active participation on all days
– three observed team coaching practice session
– successful completion of all assignments
– active participation with your sub-group on all course assignments*

Other course assessment criteria can be found in the course handbook, which is provided to course participants before the start date. A copy can be provided before you apply by emailing hello@teamcoachingstudio.com


– We recognise that unexpected circumstances may happen, and you may be unable to attend a session. Should this occur, please inform the course leaders as soon as possible, who, at their discretion, can agree on an exception. If granted, you will be required to watch the session recording in full and submit a reflective piece (1500 words) on your learning from the missed session before the next course session or by a date agreed with course leaders. Value reasons are illness (participant or dependant), loss of a relative or family member and other unforeseeable events. Missing a session for client work or business meetings is not considered a valid reason.

Please ensure you read our terms and conditions and cancellation policy before booking.

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Team Coaching Diploma

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Thanks for the care with which you have held this Diploma Programme. You have helped us all find our voices as team coaches, underpinned by a very rich and robust philosophy. You have pulled together so many concepts, philosophies and perspectives, into a meaningful and practical approach. It has been a deep learning experience for which I will be forever grateful
Alana Jossel

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