4 Ways To Get New Business As A Team Coach

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Team coaching is a relatively new discipline within the coaching world, and when we talk about it, one of the main questions asked is how to win business as a new team coach. Moreover, how do you know there is enough need for team coaching? There is no doubt that there is increasing demand for team coaching, thanks largely to multiple changes in how we work in the last few years.

The Great Resignation and COVID-inspired workplace changes have resulted in an increasing demand for organizations to ensure that they have a culture that supports employees beyond just offering a paycheck. As a team coach, you will be well-positioned to drive meaningful change in the workplace. But if you are new to team coaching, you might wonder how to get business.

Here are 4 ways you can start:

Connect Executive Coaching To Team Coaching.

If you are already an executive coach, it is likely that you are already working within the kind of organization that would benefit from team coaching.  Researchers found that high-performing teams within organizations provided 23% more economic benefit than other comparable groups. Additionally, teams have 29% more financial returns when they have a clear purpose and common understanding of goals.

So why not try talking to existing executive coaching clients and offer team coaching to them?

Join a Coaching Association

There are numerous organizations where you can become an associate coach. Team coaching may also be relatively new in their organizations, so this is an opportunity to get in on the ground level as an associate team coach.

Training and Qualifications Will Help You Stand Out

The International Coaching Federation and Association for Coaching are in the process of introducing an accreditation for team coaching. By training with an accredited organization, you will stand out from other team coaches as you will confidently deliver results for clients and build a successful team coaching practice. Certified training will enable you to become an impactful team coach with a distinctive personal style who solves problems, creates change, and achieves sustainable results.

Here at TCS, we provide internationally recognized, ICF-accredited programs. You can check this out here.

Establish Authority

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do to gain new clients is to establish authority in your chosen field. To do this, you need to commit to consistent marketing and build your network within the field:

Create and share value-added content that talks about your clients’ challenges and how you might help them solve team, organizational, and performance problems with team coaching.
Participate in guest blogs,  guest webinars, and podcasts to get your name into different arenas.
Share your content on social media platforms and engage in conversations with potential clients.
Share your POV on key trends and topics in the industry.

You can check this blog for more ways to build your personal brand and establish authority.

Or, why not join our supportive community of 1000 + Team Coaches