The Evolution of the Cape Cod Model: Gestalt Conversations, Theory, and Practice

As the nights are drawing in there is nothing better than taking the time to read a really good book. 

The long-awaited Evolution of the Cape Cod Model: Gestalt Conversations, Theory, and Practice’ by Sonia March Nevis & Joseph Melnick is an elegantly written, clear and well-structured book about the history and practice of the Gestalt International Study Centre’s Cape Cod Model of change.

Based on Gestalt theory, this approach to working with people is a process oriented, optimistic approach to relationships, useful for practicing executive and executive team coaches. It has an upbeat philosophy about how to live a fulfilling life. The book consists of theory, dialogue and provides a detailed description of the Cape Cod Training Programme. A thoroughly recommended good read!

The book costs £22.76 and is available to buy on amazon here

About the Authors

Joseph Melnick, PhD, is a clinical and organisational psychologist. He is a co-chair of the Cape Cod Training Program and board member of the Gestalt International Study Centre. The founding editor of the Gestalt Review, he has authored more than 100 publications. He is especially proud of co-editing, with Edwin Nevis, Mending the World: Social Healing interventions by Gestalt Practitioners Worldwide. He trains and teaches internationally.

 Sonia March Nevis, PhD, was a founding member of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and co-founder of the Gestalt International Study Centre, where she also served on the board. For over fifty years, she practiced and taught Gestalt and family therapy concepts and mentored numerous Gestalt therapists. She was the founder and senior faculty member of The Cape Cod Training Programme. She co-wrote many articles and trained and consulted worldwide.

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