How to Develop your Team Coaching Business

Have you thought about how to develop your team coaching business? Here are some top tips or why not attend our upcoming Micro Programme?

Have you been thinking about how to develop your team coaching business? We are very much looking forward to rolling out our forthcoming Business Development Micro Programme. It’s actually a great time of year to be thinking ahead about business development and identifying what your commercials need to look like for 2021, assuming you haven’t done that already! So, how much team coaching are you going to sell this year?


Most of the team coaches we work with are “part-time” business developers and don’t have the time or perhaps the inclination to approach this important task in the same way a “full-time” sales professional would. We think it might therefore be useful to make the distinction between how a full-time sales professional would probably prepare for a sales campaign so that you can compare and contrast this with your current thoughts and approach to developing your Team Coaching practice in 2021.


A full time sales professional will have already done the hard work behind preparing for their team coaching campaign for 2021. They will know:


  • what is the overall number of sales they intend to make in 2021;
  • how much of each product/ service they hope to sell;
  • which segments of which markets they will be targeting;
  • how many prospective clients they will need to speak to in order to hit their sales target;
  • who they need to speak to;
  • who they will speak to first;
  • what their price point is and how much they can vary that and still make the required margin.

In fact, they will have already been busy conducting business development conversations with potential clients in meetings that would have been set up last year.

We would argue that you don’t need to do everything a sales professional would do to sell team coaching successfully. You already have a couple of important advantages over a “pro” in as much as you will almost certainly be passionate about the team coaching “product” and the chances are you will also be well on the way to becoming a subject matter expert in team coaching too, which means your “product knowledge” should be sound. Passion for the product and good product knowledge are two important areas but, remarkably, successful sales professionals don’t always tick these boxes.

It’s useful to remember the old adage that ‘people buy people first’, too.  Understanding what you have to offer as a team coach should connect strongly to your own signature presence, team coaching philosophy and your own unique stance as a team coaching practitioner. The way you show up for a business development meeting should really provide some insight for a prospective client into how you will show up as a team coach, too. As with coaching, being authentic in the way you carry out business development is really important.

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