Working in a virtual or dispersed team

Richard Fox shares insight from his upcoming book.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way that we work, both as individuals and within our teams.  As coaches, we want to be able to provide you with some support during this turbulent time and help you develop your virtual thinking.

Author and coach, Richard Fox has very generously gained permission to share a chapter of his upcoming book, ‘Making Relationships Work at Work – a toolkit for getting more done with less stress’, which is due for publication in June.

The chapter ‘Is There Anybody out There? – working in a dispersed or virtual team’ covers the following key points:

  • Many workers are used to working from home one or two days a week.
  • We are now in a new situation where all employees are working from home 5 days a week.  This fundamental change has happened suddenly without time for planning or training.
  • Employers are placing considerable emphasis on a technology solution as an aide to efficiency.
  • But it’s the people who have to make virtual working work and control whether this new way of working is effective or not.
  • The chapter on virtual working covers all the people aspects of how to make this new way of working effective.

The book will be published by Practical Inspiration on 30 June 2020. Details of how to pre order a copy can be found on the above link.

Richard Fox is a partner with The Learning Corporation. He is a PCC credentialed coach with the ICF, a Master NLP practitioner and a member of the International Association for Coaching.

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