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The Team Coaching Diploma invited us to learn with mind, body, spirit, unconscious, physiology. It asked us to take in new information and filter it through ourselves, whilst simultaneously taking in learning from and with all the other members of the course – in other words, learning in 3D. The result? Exhaustion. Exhilaration. Total transformation. Joy. Deep learning, held in the body, not in a notepad that gets put away in a drawer and forgotten about. (Admit it – we’ve all done it!) The course is packed with content that will satisfy the intellectual learner, and you are walked through the entire team coaching process, including understanding how to define and pitch your offer, how to design a Team Coaching programme, understanding options around team diagnostics and creating Team Charters, all framed in the latest thinking from team coaching experts. There’s also a wealth of information on group dynamics and theories on how groups form, so there’s plenty to satisfy those with a predilection for the practical. But for me, the joy of the programme was living all the theory. We didn’t learn what a relational approach is, we breathed it. We didn’t learn forming, storming, norming…we lived it. As a group, we fell out. We had difficulty expressing difficult emotions. We struggled to identify and express our needs. But we were held and supported by the excellent facilitation to breakthrough all the sticky moments and come out the other side. This gave us all a fundamental felt sense of how it might be for the teams we’ll be working with which, for me, was so much more powerful than theory alone. These are the memories that I take with me, because they became part of me, changed how I think and really impacted on how I coach. In short, it’s a great course, and anyone lucky enough to participate will certainly come away a better coach.
I can fully endorse the quality, content and teaching style of the faculty team at the Team Coaching Studio on the Diploma in Team Coaching. The course programme covers a comprehensive syllabus, allowing students to explore a broad range of subjects and giving them the ability to design a coaching programme that best fits with their personal needs. It allows the time for students to learn and further research the course material and helps provide practical feedback on the shape of the coaching programme that students design for themselves. All of this is delivered in an engaging, open and humble way, encouraging a similar approach with students in the classroom environment.
Exploring TA concepts, meaning and application at the TA Retreat with a great group of coaches helped me to really deepen my knowledge. This week was focused on two sets of learning: the first being the learning I can share with clients, of which I gained and now have in an abundance. The richness was in the second learning – the learning about me that helps me to reflect and grow my practice as a coach and educator. I have gained insights and appreciation of my makeup, my triggers and behaviours which will contribute to my self-awareness and choices. A fabulous and worthwhile few days at the TA retreat for Coaches.
I recently completed the July 2019 Certificate in Team Coaching. The focus was on competencies of team coaching — creating safety and setting boundaries in particular rather than detailed tools for the whole process. However, I found there was enough theory and frameworks to give clear structure, supported by a ‘real life’ case study that we developed over the three days.
it was as much about noticing our own experience of working in a team and self-managing, as it was about specific techniques. I really appreciated the sense that nothing was being too tightly held on to — when we looked at behavioural models or assessment tools, it felt exploratory rather than ‘this is the way to coach a team’. The focus was on integrating new knowledge to continually evolve my own understanding of who I am / want to be as a coach. Overall, it was a really powerful training – the content, the warmth of the trainers, and the calibre of the group. And it made me realise what a huge opportunity team coaching represents to positively impact the world.
An amazing week of learning, challenge, support and style. I went into the Retreat curious about Gestalt – what it might mean for my coaching practice, what it might mean for me. I left with real energy and insight about being, becoming and a new personal confidence which will shape my future work and life.
The mixture of practice, theory, space and creativity really worked for me and the retreat environment was perfect.
Thanks Georgina and the Team Coaching Studio team.
Georgina was my supervisor when I first became a coach.  She was instrumental in my development as a coach and for my coaching practice. Georgina combines a passion for developing others, a unique skill for seeing and hearing the complexities of the way we, as human beings, interact and an ability to encourage and sponsor personal growth.
“My coaching skills and confidence have grown as a direct result of working with Georgina. She provides her insight with encouragement and delicate balance of challenge to help you think more in how to become the coach you want to be.  She is an inspiration.
I attended the Diploma in Team Coaching with Team Coaching Studio. I particularly enjoyed the parallel journey between learning about teams and being part of a learning team. It was so valuable and very clear at the end of the course that we had been doing as well as learning. I have made connections that will last.
Patrizia Amanati
I loved Georgina's style, honestly and the boundaries she held so well. She is extremely generous with her knowledge of theory and practice. Just keep peppering the theory with examples of situations faced and how she dealt with them.
Thank you for your mentoring, your wisdom and your encouragement. I enjoyed the process of learning more about the ICF and its competencies – much to my surprise! As an experienced coach and coach trainer, I am ashamed to admit that at times I felt a bit disgruntled about having to go through the process. Needless to say, by the end of the mentoring sessions with you I had learned loads about myself, my coaching and my areas for development! I feel even more connected with, and interested in, the ICF and keen to have more engagement with the organisation at a number of levels. I enjoyed your style of coach mentoring which combines psychological rigour with warm-hearted challenge and pragmatism.”
Supervision with Georgina, always brings new and rich perspectives. She quickly grasps complex client challenges, prompting me to draw on my creative and intuitive resources amidst a sea of ‘logical facts’. This broadens the thinking and produces very sound business ideas that help me to table conversations that really count for the client. Most enjoyable to work with Georgina and undoubtedly a good investment for this coach and my valued clients.” Adrienne Candy Associates
Adrienne Candy
managing director, Adrienne Candy Associates (supervision)
Huge thank you, I so enjoyed working with you and continue to reap the benefits as I slowly change the way I am working to take better care of me, and what I am working on to deliver what really excites.Georgina challenged me to focus on what was important. She was willing to share her insights and intuitions. A real feeling of acceptance which made it safe for me to explore issues that had meaning for who I am as a person as well as what I wanted to achieve on a logical level. Georgina encouraged me to look at patterns in my life and how what I do in relationships shows up in the assumptions I make around my business. This resulted in my really challenging my standards and boundaries to ensure that I am being congruent in all I do.
My learning over the 3-day Certificate in Team Coaching was thought-provoking; full of content and opportunities to practice team coaching in real-time; at times challenging and also really fun and honest in the way that we were encouraged to self-manage as a group; humbling and joyful in witnessing others in our group learn and practice team coaching; and the start of a deep sense of connection within our group as we embark on the unique and valuable training in team coaching provided by Team Coaching Studio.
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