Melissa Luck

Photograph of Mel Luck

What is your career journey?

Having always wanted to be a pilot, I navigated my life towards that goal. I gained both my private and commercial pilot's licence, worked in Air Traffic Control, maintained vintage aircraft and generally took on as many jobs as possible around aviation! I flew both in corporate jets and for the airlines for 13 years until I was struck with chronic illness and had to leave my career.

Whilst flying I became fascinated with human factors. Flying the aircraft was often the easy part, but making the teamwork together to ensure the optimum safety was a bigger challenge and I was lucky enough to get a Crew Resource Management training position alongside my flying job. I also facilitated workshops for the NHS and Ambulance Service in order to help improve their culture & safety management.

Chronic illness was a great leveller and made me truly evaluate what was important to me. I loved sharing important skills and seeing those lightbulb moments, whilst also learning from everyone I met, so I knew that I wanted to pursue coaching as I got my health back on track. Helping others to deal with burnout, overcoming trauma, self-limiting beliefs and all the other issues that had made me ill in the first place became incredibly important to me.

I met Georgina at a Non-Violent Communication course and thought she was a really impressive woman, so when a role became available at Team Coaching Studio, I jumped at the opportunity. I love working part-time with such a great company, and with a truly fantastic team, whilst also building my own coaching company. I speak to wonderful coaches every day and am constantly inspired and impressed by them.

What does your role at Team Coaching Studio involve? 

I think we all know that a website can never truly portray what a company is about, so I feel very proud to be the personal touchpoint for every coach. Because I am passionate about coaching and about Team Coaching Studio’s approach, I love being able to discuss the individual needs or concerns a coach may have and give them my honest help to find the right fit for their development path. I want everyone to know how much we value each stage of their learning journey and how much they bring to us, not just what we can offer them. I love getting to know the phenomenal cross-section of coaches that get in contact and feel proud that they feel confident enough to engage with me about any subject!

What about you as a person?

I live in Herefordshire with my husband and we have three rescue dogs. I am still on the journey to full health and I find this journey so important. I was once a complete adrenaline junky, competing in off-road motorbiking events & helping to lead overseas tours; taking my race bike to track days; triathlons, flying all over Europe, and generally looking for fun challenges! That part of me is still there and I can't wait to get back to full fitness, but for now, I have slowed things down; I now own a 1930 BSA vintage motorbike and a 1932 vintage, open-cockpit aircraft but my priority is to lead a happy and healthy life, to give the rescue dogs the safest, most loving environment that they can have - and to help others to avoid or overcome the mistakes that I made!

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