Georgina Woudstra

Georgina Woudstra

MCC, Principal, Programme Director for TCS Diploma in Team Coaching

What is your journey as a coach?

The first 10 years of my career were entrepreneurial, starting, leading and growing diverse businesses.  A tech consultancy firm I was building led me to undertake a Masters in Change Management, which is where I first heard about coaching. I was inspired by the idea of coaching as a way of bringing together business, purpose and personal growth & development and decided that it was the ideal path for me. Since, I have studied with many of the best coach training organisations and underpinned my coaching skills with Transactional Analysis, Systems and Gestalt. I believe that this learning greatly increased my coaching presence, psychological and systemic mindedness and effectiveness as a coach.  I have been privileged to coach senior executives in some of the worlds greatest companies and organisations, across most industries and sectors. 

What is your sweet spot as a coach?

In my practice, I specialise in coaching CEOs and Senior Leadership Teams- this is where I do my best work. I have great understanding and empathy for the role of Chief Executive, who I believe need a different type of coaching to executives at other levels. My approach is more about developing your inner compass as a CEO, in a role where you have no peers, it is also about making sense of complexity in order to lead their organisations in today’s uncertain and challenging world.

Team Coaching is also a huge passion of mine. All organisations are structured into teams, yet so few teams are effective in making the most of being a team.  This is a tremendous drain on effectiveness and inhibits organisations on delivering on their purpose- why they exist. I believe that teams need to work together brilliantly for their organisations to thrive, today and in the future. As such, I am a global advocate, leader and shaper in the coaching profession in the field of team coaching.

What about you as a person?

My first graduate education was in Fashion Design. Whilst the fashion industry turned out not to be my calling, I learned that I have a gift for foreseeing trends and societal patterns- a strength which still drives me today.  I also trained as an accountant- these may seem like paradoxical interests however my passion for business drove me to want to understand organisational economics. 

I live in Winchester with my husband, and have a daughter, two step-sons and a cocker spaniel! I love culture, travel the arts, music, film, theatre, food, yoga and generally living well!

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