Sebastian Fox

Seb Fox

Team Coaching Studio Alumni Leader

What is your journey as a coach?

I started my career working in large corporates in a variety of roles: finance, sales and client management in the UK, Europe and Asia, before moving back to the UK and working as a Marketing and Business Development Director for a large law firm.  This led me to set up my own business over 15 years ago, working with professional firms to help them improve their client management and relationships, largely through interviewing clients. Working with these firms made me realise that gathering information and feedback from their clients was not, on its own, very useful to effect change: the key to making a difference is to focus on individuals to change their behaviours to deliver what the clients are looking for. That effectively started my interest and progress towards qualifying first as an executive coach and, more recently, having both experienced myself and seen how teams impact overall performance, as at team coach.

What is your sweet spot as a coach?

My particular area of coaching is with leadership, sales teams and sales/business development individuals to help them improve their performance.  Drawing on my own experiences working in sales teams and managing large client accounts, I help clients change their behaviours to focus on what really will help them drive their business forward. It’s particularly satisfying working with individuals and seeing them build their confidence and skills to become as good as they can be at selling.

What about you as a person?

I’m married with 2 grown up children and enjoy watching and participating in sport, particularly rugby (though my playing days are limited!) and skiing. I volunteer as part of the leadership team of Ethical Coach (, an organisation which aims to improve the lives of children and families through bringing pro bono team and executive coaching to NGOs to improve their capacity in supporting their communities.  I spent some time in Ethiopia in 2018 to help launch our first project with 20 local NGOs.

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