Carroll Macey

Caroll Macey

Team Coaching Studio Alumni Leader

What is your journey a coach?

I spent 17 years working in the corporate clothing industry creating uniforms for large FTSE 100 companies, with designers such as Jeff Banks and Amanda Wakeley. As sales director I led a team of 45 sales people and account managers. Along side this career I became interested in helping people achieve their potential in life and I trained as a psychotherapist in my spare time and ran clients in London and in Wiltshire before deciding to resign from the sales director role and invest in a career as a coach. That part of the journey led to working at a division of Siemens in learning and development and introducing coaching skills to managers. I also spent some time working for a leadership development consultancy before returning to Siemens and leaving as Head of People Development to run my own consultancy which I have been doing for 10 plus years now.

What is your sweet spot as a coach?

I work mainly with middle and senior managers/ directors on developing their leadership style and gaining insights into challenges that they are facing. I became interested in mindfulness a few years ago and trained at Bangor University and The Oxford Centre of Mindfulness so that I can help leaders deal with ambiguity and uncertainty, be more present and more able to be incisive.

I enjoy working one on one and with teams and I love working in emergence as that is when real change happens.

What about you as a person?

I love the feeling of freedom that running gives me so I do 10Ks, half marathons, marathons and more recently have started to enjoy road biking. I am competitive by nature so sport appeals to me. I play for a tennis team  and for quiet down time I have recently taken up the art of quilting.

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