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Annie Bennett Profile

What is your journey a coach?

I think I have always been in the business of coaching, in one way or another: My first career was as a foreign language teacher to teenagers and adults, where I was inspired by the idea that anyone can learn something – in spite of their limiting beliefs about how “clever” they need to be, or how difficult it will be for them. I moved into industry for my own career development, and had a great time recruiting, developing and effectively coaching individuals, teams and leaders – we just didn’t call it coaching then. I became a CIPD Fellow during this period and studied Career Counselling and consulting at Birkbeck to support my work. I found my second coaching qualification via a CIPD and Oxford School of Coaching partnership. These led to my third, and most long-lasting career in professional coaching per se, working as an external coach and facilitator to individuals and teams. Since then I have loved studying, learning and practising how to coach individuals and teams through different programmes and working with many wonderful fellow coaches over the years. I love being a part of this rich, challenging and mutually supportive coaching world.

What is your sweet spot as a coach?

I love helping clients to (re)connect with who they truly are in order to release their potential to be their best selves in service of their goals – whether that be at the head of an organisation, or in the earlier stages of their career. My key area of interest is Leadership; connecting personal leadership with leading others – and leading teams. This work can take clients into all sorts of arenas, from developing self-awareness around their Emotional and Social Intelligence and the impact it has on their ability to lead, to more strategic planning around how they can achieve their objectives, to very concrete planning and practising for specific challenging situations. 

I am intuitive, and love working with clients “in the moment” as new insights emerge. This feeds into my work coaching teams where there is a thrill and a challenge of dancing in the flow between the planned and the emergent.

What about you as a person?

I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales, with my husband, two dogs, some chickens, a number of retired racehorses – and my son, when he’s around. I originally studied languages and literature at university, because I was desperate to travel and learn about different ways of life, and these interests have stayed with me: I love to travel and I love the arts. I had a break from sport while my son was growing up, but I’m just getting ready to go “back to hockey” – heaven help me… Hockey, tennis and sport in general were always a part of my life, and now I love to walk in the Peak District as well with my friends – so who knows where this next phase will take me! 

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