Upcoming Team Coaching Summits, Webinars and Masterclasses

Upcoming summits and one-day coaching masterclasses for those who want to expand their knowledge without the commitment to a full programme.

Are you interested in Team Coaching but not yet ready to commit to a full team coaching programme? You may be interested to expand your knowledge by attending an online summit sessions or one of our one-day interactive coaching masterclasses from Georgina Woudstra.

Many of these events are available at a low cost and some are even free. These are often held in conjunction with industry associations. Here’s a rundown of what is coming up: 

Essence of Mastery Online Summit
Georgina Woudstra will be delivering a 90-minute presentation on the 14th June titled, ‘Putting Coaching Back into Team Coaching.’

The third annual Essence of Mastery Summit is an online event with 14 mini-masterclasses, 13 expert coaches and offers 20 ICF CCEU’s.

 The cost is currently $197  but the price goes up to $247 on 15th June at midnight eastern time! Grab your spot in the Essence of Mastery Summit so you don’t miss Georgina’s essential masterclass about ‘Putting Coaching back into Team Coaching.

WBECS 9th Annual Pre Summit Event – FREE online summit
May 28th to June 19th

WBECS 100% FREE online series is open for bookings.

  • 40+ online sessions
  • Live coaching Demos
  • Coach led Q& A sessions
  • Thought leader panel discussions
  • Access to a supportive online community with coaches from all around the world

The Art of Team Coaching Networking event with Georgina Woudstra at the London Coaching Group

23 Jul 2019 – 6.30-8.00pm, London
Learn how mastering the art of team coaching can make an impact on the way you see and work with your clients in this experiential workshop. Connect with your love of coaching and translate this to working with teams through the use of team coaching competencies. Georgina Woudstra will take us on a journey of experience, practice and reflection. We will practice team coaching using a team simulation and reflection on this experience will support the integration of our collective and individual learning. Transformational learning happens fresh, live and in the moment.

ICF – The Art of Team Coaching – Live Event

25th September

  • Learn about the team coaching competencies and begin putting them into practice.
  • Connect with your inner world of thoughts, feelings, energy, symbol and sensation
  • Hold the space and contain discomfort within yourself and the team
  • Be more aware of your own presence and make use of it in service of the team
  • Find the courage and confidence to intervene effectively

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