Course Review

Unleashing the coach

04 November 2020
Caroline Sumners

Written by Steve Wallace – Blue Husky Ltd.

Certificate in Team Coaching alumni.

After nearly three decades in the public sector with 20 years of those as a manager, I cannot remember how many teams I have been part of. What I do remember are the teams that made hard work fun, and the colleagues and leaders who took time to understand and motivate me. They are a lot easier to remember. After delivering leadership facilitation, mentoring and coaching to colleagues, I kindled embers that were always there to make a difference to the best of my ability. I reflected on the lessons and mistakes I had learned. Could I also help managers be more effective and enjoy their work more?

I have been part of teams that have made great impacts in testing contexts – my working world is 24/7 and 365 days – and certainly has plenty of VUCA aspects. When I was part of a team coaching pilot it was a lightbulb moment. How much more effective could teams I had been in have been with some team coaching? I liken it to a team of huskies – after leading a pack in Finland on a ski trip I was totally exhilarated and inspired by their majesty, power and discipline. The best husky teams are well looked after and motivated to achieve difficult tasks whatever they come across. There is a tangible synergy and common purpose leading to the believed X2.4 factor – a team can pull 2.4 times the total load that individual dogs could pull. They seem to trust and support each other – even when it’s tough. Female huskies also are often placed at the front as apparently they lead better.

So it was a no brainer to enrol on the TCS certificate in Team Coaching in 2019. A truly challenging and seminal moment for me – I realised I wanted to be in this pioneering ‘Wild West’ of coaching. I also met some inspirational and superbly supportive colleagues – and many of us have hopped on the Team Coaching Diploma rollercoaster. I’m only on the first lap holding on tight but am comfortably in the stretch mindset already and hungry for more. So that’s the early part of my coaching expedition so far – and also explains how Blue Husky Ltd evolved.