Gestalt Team Coaching Workshop

Empowering Teams 

Through Transformative Practices

 Our in person Gestalt Team Coaching Workshop in London UK, 
Monday 9th – Thursday 12th December 2024

Are you ready to transform your team coaching skills? 

Join us for an immersive and dynamic workshop where you will learn to coach groups and teams with greater effectiveness and presence. 

This workshop is designed to elevate your capacity to coach any team by being fully present in the moment and intervening with intention and impact.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive Framework: Move beyond tools and exercises to
    address the real needs of your team.
  • Sustainable Impact: Increase team awareness, choice, and
    change for lasting results.
  • Strategic Interventions: Identify choice points and shape your
    interventions with precision.
  • Enhanced Presence: Grow your personal presence to maximise
    your coaching impact.

Apply Now

Dates: Monday 9th to Thursday 12th December

Hosts: Georgina Woudstra and Allard De Jong

Delivery: Face to Face, English

Location: Friends House, Central London

Price: £1,895 + VAT

CCEUs: Applied for

Perfect For: Team Coaches who have significant experience of working with groups or teams

“This transformative short course provided innovative ways to track team dynamics and intervene effectively. I discovered new methods to manage the team’s pace, tackle groupthink, and highlight differences. The team evolved, creating a conducive environment for enhanced coaching. I applied the insights in a team session shortly after, helping the team navigate an uncertain decision swiftly. I highly recommend this course for experienced team coaches.”

K Drewery, Team Psychologist

Georgina Woudstra

Georgina Woudstra, MCC, ACTC, is one of the primary driving forces behind the team coaching movement. Her best selling book, “Mastering the Art of Team Coaching” provides a comprehensive guide for practitioners wanting to unleash the potential in teams.

Georgina is the founder and Principal at Team Coaching Studio. Team Coaching Studio offers internationally recognised ICF-accredited programmes for independent and in-house coaches.

Allard De Jong

Allard De Jong, PCC, ACTS is the Senior Director and Team Coaching Studio here at TCS.


Allard’s extensive portfolio of client work and training delivery is guided by three beliefs: there’s a noble, positive potential in each of us to change our own world; over time those changes add up to an ability to change the world; and that teams are in a unique positive to lead that change.


Gestalt Theory of Change: Discover how to apply this powerful
theory to groups and teams.

Team Development: Understand team dynamics and how to shape
your interventions accordingly.

Gestalt Cycle of Experience: Utilise this model as a guide for your
team coaching work.

Awareness and Change: Learn to inspire choice and change
within teams.

Creative Nature of Resistance: Explore its role in learning and transformation.

Creative Nature of Resistance: Explore its role in learning and Creative Nature of Resistance: Explore its role in learning and
trUnits of Work: Learn their importance and how to complete them.

Systemic Interventions: Develop the ability to intervene at
various levels within the team system.

Presence as an Intervention: Expand your range of presence to
enhance your coaching effectiveness.

Co-Coaching: Build your capacity to co-coach with other

Here come the details…

This four day workshop is structured in a way that will help you learn, absorb demos and elevate your team coaching practice

Dates: Monday 9th to Thursday 12th December

Hosts: Georgina Woudstra and Allard De Jong

Delivery: Face to Face, English

Location: Friends House, Central London

Price: £1,895 + VAT. Accomodation, meals and travel not included.

CCEUs: Applied for


“Joining Georgina’s workshops over the years has consistently provided opportunities for deep reflection and learning. This latest experience was no exception. The structured combination of input, practical rounds, and reflective periods was both challenging and exhilarating. It allowed me to refine my stance, technique, and impact on clients. Experimenting with Gestalt has prompted me to revisit and enhance my approach to working with groups and teams. Focusing on my development felt indulgent, but it’s an investment I’m proud to make!”

Bob S, Leadership Developer and Team Coach

Questions you might be thinking…

This workshop is ideal for experienced team coaches who have completed
the TCS Diploma in Team Coaching or have significant experience working
with groups and teams. If you’re ready to take your learning and impact to
the next level, this is the workshop for you!

The venue is Friends House, London.

Friends House is located in central London, directly opposite Euston Station and a short walk from King’s Cross and St Pancras International stations. You can plan your journey using the TFL journey planner.

Tea, Coffee, Fruit & Pastries will be provided throughout the day.

Meals, accomodation and travel and not included in the ticket price. The venue is in central london and there are lots of food and drink establishments to explore.

Please check our confirmation terms when booking travel and accomodation.

You can see the Friends House accessibility information here https://friendshouse.co.uk/accessibility/. If you have accessibility requirements that your hosts need to be aware of, please email admin@teamcoachingstudio.com

All attendees acknowledge that the organisers make take photographs of the group during the event and use these on the Team Coaching Studio website, in their newsletter or in social media activity. In attending you give Team Coaching Studio an irrevocable right to use these images.

Please check our cancellation and confirmation terms for Masterclass/Workshop (face to face) and keep these in mind prior to booking accomodation and travel. 

If you do decide to withdraw from the programme at a late stage, this will of course have an impact on the experience of the group as a whole.

Email us at admin@teamcoachingstudio.com and we’re happy to help.

“The Gestalt Team Coaching programme was both challenging and rewarding on many levels. I learned to support the team in ‘making contact’ with itself and to track the team’s cycles of experience from start to finish. The course provided practical and straightforward methods of engaging and intervening at various system levels, which I will undoubtedly integrate into my skill set. I appreciated the blend of theory and real team/group practice, along with the process of making meaning from these experiences. This approach to coaching will now form the foundation of my team coaching practice going forward.”

Carol F, Executive Coach and Facilitator

Need a reminder of the key info? No problem!

Dates: Monday 9th to Thursday 12th December

Hosts: Georgina Woudstra and Allard De Jong

Delivery: Face to Face, English

Location: Friends House, Central London

Price: £1,895 + VAT

CCEUs: Applied for

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your team
coaching skills! Join a vibrant community of professional coaches
dedicated to making a transformative impact. 


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