Accelerate Team Performance and Build Relationships on Trust, Safety and Growth

How do you guide a group of strong minded, talented individuals to be more than the sum of its parts?

When teams feel overwhelmed, under-resourced – or simply desire to perform better – organisations often seek advice from external consultants. This can fail to create sustainable results, as the team does not feel ownership of the solutions offered within the sessions.  

TCS Team Coaches act as a catalyst for long-lasting impact and change. We work emergently, unlocking the collective wisdom and collaborative potential of the team.

Emergent-style coaching creates a safe space for everyone to have a shared voice, fostering accountability, adaptability and resilience. 

Team Coaching Shifts Focus From the Work Teams Do, To How They Work Together.

We can support your organisation if…

  • Departments operate in silos, resulting in a lack of unity when Heads come together as a team with a wider goal

  • Teams spend their time together crunching through business matters, without focus on relationship building

  • Legacy experiences with coaching or facilitation have left people feeling discouraged by the lack of long-term change

  • There are new leaders or teams forming and they need support to work through the change and find a unified goal

  • It’s time to change the culture and create a safe space for team members to be open and vulnerable 

The team started the session saying they didn’t know how they would find time to meet in December due to operational pressures, and left saying they needed to prioritise this as it has been so valuable.

– TCS Team Coach

How Our Team Coaching Works

Step 1

Discovery call to understand your challenges, needs and objectives

Step 2

We pair you with a Team Coach from our network of TCS – trained, ICF and AC accredited Team Coaches

Step 3

An Engagement Session with your Coach and the whole team to explore the goals, and how everyone can work together

Step 4

Following the Engagement Session, a typical team coaching programme structure is:

Gradually, the team became comfortable with experimenting outside of the coaching sessions. They created personal commitments to build accountability. New habits developed as accountability increased and they explored the harder to tackle issues. They started to coach themselves

– Jo, Coach of a key Operations Team in a FTSE 250 Energy company. 


Why work with TCS coaches?

Our CEO and Principal Georgina Woudstra MCC and International Faculty Lead, Allard de Jong, have been pivotal in the team coaching movement from its inception, to discipline accreditation . 

In 2022 Georgina & Allard became amongst the first coaches in the world to be awarded the ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC). 

The Team Coaching Studio was founded to provide a pathway to professional accreditation and mastery for coaches. 

Through our Diploma programme, we provide coaches with the knowledge and confidence to be a catalyst for change and progress. 

Through working with experienced TCS graduate coaches, your organisation will benefit from emergent-style coaching from one of the leading team coaching programmes in the world.

Over 6 months, Jo has worked to establish psychological safety within the team and a deep understanding of who we are and what we are trying to achieve. 

This has built a great team spirit and shared vision and purpose that is now helping propel us to a sustainable and long term, high performing team capability. 

 Her thoughtful and profound approach means as a team we have explored some pretty deep and sometimes uncomfortable areas with her but the results have been worth the commitment.

Director of FTSE 250 Energy Company

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