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Our In-house team coaching training programmes are designed to enable those within HR, leadership and management positions to offer high quality and impactful team coaching within their organisation.

In recent years there has been a marked increase in the number of organisations looking for specialist in-house team coaches to work within their organisation who do more than just focus on individuals but also on the team as a whole.

Many organisations have become aware of the limitations of solely offering individual coaching and leadership development, which may all too often lead to strong individual managers or leaders but does nothing to help poorly functioning teams.

Based around our highly successful, ICF accredited Certificate in Team Coaching programme, In-House Team Coach can be made bespoke to your business providing the competence and confidence needed to work with complex dynamics and the most challenging teams.

This is a highly interactive programme in which participants will learn and experience how to work with the undercurrents of teams; the psychological dimensions that operate beneath the surface.

Supporting you to work flexibly and deeply with teams, intervening in a way that enhances team members’ appreciation of each other and their skills in working together and with other teams and stakeholders within the organisation.

We will also raise awareness of the ethical dilemmas that arise in providing an in-house team coaching service and help you to navigate through them. You will develop your own team coaching style and methodology – one that is congruent with your personal coaching philosophy and approach.


The course would be customised to your needs, specifically around:

  • Assessment tools that you already use
  • Simulations that make sense in your organisation
  • Working with internal stakeholders
  • Boundaries and ethics.

You also have the option of supervision as you put the steps into practice.

As part of the journey to excellence we would strongly recommend that 2 delegates continue on to our Diploma in Team Coaching, in order for them to develop greater psychological depth and get more practised at the meta-skills.

Certificate in Team Coaching Course Content

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