*NEW* The Art of Team Coaching Diploma

The Art of Team Coaching Diploma is an ICF accredited, immersive programme designed by renowned Master Certified Coach, Georgina Woudstra for coaches around the globe who want to make a bigger impact. It is a comprehensive guide to unleashing the power, purpose and potential in any team.


Team coaching is the fastest growing discipline for professional coaches, however it takes knowledge, skills, practice and personal mastery to become a great team coach. We will guide you on your journey and offer the insight and support you need to shine. 
The  Art of Team Coaching Diploma runs for an academic year, ending with an exhilarating and celebratory final module where you present your model and methodology, case study, and your learning journey. You will also demonstrate your team coaching in action.  All of this is designed to empower you to stand out from the crowd as a team coach by achieving the 4 C’s:
Confidence – overcome your fears to coach in the most challenging situations
Competence – learn to apply the coaching skills and to intervene effectively
Coherence – integrate concepts and tools into a whole, meaningful approach
Congruence – develop a style that is true to who you are as a team coach
Learn to trust in people’s untapped wisdom, the process and, most of all, yourself. And with our guidance to support you, become an impactful team coach with a distinctive personal style that solves problems, creates change and gets sustainable results.


Once you have completed The Certificate in Team Coaching, or an equivalent qualification with another training provider, then you are invited to join us for the Art of Team Coaching Diploma. If you achieved your Certificate with another training provider or aren’t sure if the TCS Diploma is the right next step for you, then contact  Allard de Jong – senior faculty member – here to arrange a free 1 hour Zoom to tailor your bespoke team coaching journey.
We may ask you to complete an application process before we accept you on this programme This is to ensure that the Diploma is the right next step for you on your team coaching journey and to ensure each cohort is of similar experience levels. 

Why choose this programme?

Becoming a team coach is a life-changing experience that will dramatically increase the impact you can have as a coach and empower you to create a sustainable and rewarding coaching business. Team coaching helps teams to tap into their potential to collaborate and achieve their collective purpose. As a professional team coach, you have an opportunity to create positive change and achieve extraordinary results with teams and organisations. 

Why choose TCS?

We know that the journey to mastery as a team coach has plenty of bumps in the road. TCS faculty and coaches are your tribe - when you choose TCS you become a lifelong member of our community. We will support, challenge and champion you as you take your practice into the real world.
Our faculty are all practising team coaches, all with years of experience, stories and examples to share. Rather than offering a homogenised approach and perspective, we celebrate and value our diversity and believe that this offers many ways for you to think, explore and practice- and to find out who you are as a team coach.

Programme Structure

The programme delivers a stimulating, practical and highly effective learning experience through 4 modules, 16 virtual sessions, teamwork, group supervision, community webinars, practice in‘the arena’, curated reading and mini projects throughout that ensure maximum integration. All of this, with the personal touch, support and care that differentiates the Team Coaching Studio.

What you will learn

The programme comprises 4 modules spaced throughout the year. You can read more about each module  here.
In the Live Online Sessions, as well as learning useful ideas and concepts that will inform your work as a team coach, you will practice team coaching and receive feedback from faculty and peers.
In the Group Supervision sessions, you will receive support and challenge from a trusted group, led by one of our experience team coaching faculty. You choose what you bring - a team coaching client that you are working with, your model and methodology, your triggers, fears or concerns that take you out of being fully present.  This is where you are held by your group, whilst you take yourself and your work out into the world and put in into where the rubber meets the road!
During the programme you will  integrate your learning by coaching a real-life client team. This will enable you to test and refine your approach and will provide fascinating case study material for your final presentation. The group supervision sessions, and your own coaching team will support you as you apply your learning in the real world.
To further embed your learning, you will also work with small groups in your cohort on 'fast track' assignments. We anticipate this will require approximately 3 hours of your time per month.
Prior to the start of the programme, we recommend you read, 'Mastering the Art of Team Coaching: a comprehensive guide to unleashing the power, purpose and potential in any team', written by Georgina. 


"TCS gives us the room to explore and learn, growing together as partners. Building our capability as a team coach pair, our journey with Georgina, Allard, and Declan – indeed, the entire cohort - has been rich, challenging, and impactful. 

Our TCS journey is like a vibrant kaleidoscope of learning. We leverage our best selves as team coaches in partnership with each other to serve the team. The TCS community brings all of us enrichment and will continue to serve our team coaching business.

The TCS community models the way for relationship and connection. As team coaching partners, we are wholly prepared and embracing our client work."

Mary and John Morand McKay

The Small Print


It is possible to pay by installments for this programme. If you would like to do this, please elect to pay the 20% deposit at checkout. We will then be in touch to arrange a personal payment plan for you. This will be subject to an additional 5% cost on the advertised price of the programme.

Terms, Conditions and Cancellations

It really is important that you read through our Terms and Conditions and our Cancellation and Transfer policy before enrolling on this programme.

Please do keep these policies in mind and please do take a little extra time to consider cancellation and transfer requests – especially last minute ones. We provide meaningful, experiential learning in safe, small groups. If you transfer or cancel, this impacts your cohort and our people.

Missed Sessions

Participants can miss 2 sessions and make up the time by:

  • Watching the recording of the missed session before the next session takes place.
  • Posting your reflections (500 words) on the session on the course portal for your colleague to read.

Both of these are required to be able to award the Diploma. If you miss more sessions than this then you may be eligible to be awarded a Certificate of Attendance: we will review this on a case by case basis.

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