Summer School: Certificate in Team Coaching (intensive programme)

The Certificate in Team Coaching summer school is an ICF accredited, intensive programme designed by renowned Master Certified Coach Georgina Woudstra for coaches around the globe who want to step into team coaching.


Team coaching is the fastest growing discipline for professional coaches, however it takes knowledge, skills, practice and personal mastery to become a great team coach. During this Certificate in Team Coaching Summer school, Coach-Makers Georgina and Allard will join you on your team coaching journey and offer the insight and support you need to:
  • Explore what makes a group become ‘a team’
  • Learn about team effectiveness, the conditions that support it and how it can be measured 
  • Understand what team coaching is and how this defines ‘the work’ of a team coach
  • Gain a grounding in contemporary team coaching concepts and their application
  • Explore the role and focus of a team coach and the modes that bring this to life
  • Discover team coaching system and how interventions change over time
  • Consider team coaching readiness and how to prepare a team for coaching
  • Explore diagnostics, and their use and application in team coaching
  • Practice team coaching within a virtual learning environment

This programme is subject to minimum numbers. This is to ensure we can offer the practical, interactive environment in which team coaching simulation and practice can take place. 



The programme is aimed at experienced coaches who want to deepen their coaching practice and meet the increased demand for competent, confident team coaches. It is also suitable for L&D, HR and OD professionals who are working in a coaching role within their organisation.

The Certificate in Team Coaching is currently held in English.  If you are interested in receiving this in any other language please contact us. 


Programme Structure

This intensive online programme comprises 8 x 3 hour live sessions via Zoom over a 2 week period.
The live Zoom sessions allow you to interact with our faculty trainers and other students just as you would in a regular classroom setting, including working in smaller groups in virtual breakout rooms.
Please be advised that some sessions may be led by different faculty members, depending on availability.
This programme is subject to minimum numbers. This is to ensure we can offer the practical, interactive environment in which team coaching simulation and practice can take place. We will confirm the course is running or advise of any changes/rescheduling no less than 2 weeks prior to the start date of the programme.

What you will learn

  • An understanding of how team coaching differs from coaching individuals and what challenges can be faced.
  • Build on your existing coaching competencies with a foundation in contemporary team coaching concepts.
  • Explore what drives team effectiveness and the difference between effectiveness and performance.
  • How to convert the theory into practice as a result of the highly experiential approach.
  • Confidently be able to start team coaching in your practice or organisation.
  • Practising virtually within a real team environment will prepare you when coaching virtual teams. 
  • How you can progress to the full TCS Diploma in Team Coaching.


"Georgina and Allard are coach-makers. You come away from this team coaching programme with self belief by drawing from your own prior experience to find your unique coaching stance. No sausage machines. No prescription of 'how to' to do it someone else's way. As a result, you feel empowered to respond to your client team's needs as they emerge." Kelly Drewery. Business psychologist, Talent Glue. 

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