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Whether you are new to team coaching or already an established team coach, gather all your questions and come join Georgina Woudstra & Allard de Jong for our hour long conversation and Q&A.


The Team Coaching Studio develops courageous team coaches. Our faculty team, comprised of experienced team coaches, do this by creating the conditions where you can learn and grow alongside other coaches.

Whilst books and podcasts are fantastic sources of inspiration, there is no one formula for success. The road to mastery in team coaching takes time, trust in our clients and ourselves, and practice. The integration of learning into who we are as team coaches happens when we try out new skills, experiment and then reflect on our experience.

But practising can be a vulnerable process as it requires us to put aside any need to look good, to get things ‘right’ or to know the answers. It requires us to step beyond our comfort zone and to take risks. Most importantly, it cannot be done alone in your own head. To learn the art of team coaching you need to get into the arena and practice alongside others. This depth of learning can only occur in a safe enough container, one where it is possible to stumble and to pick ourselves back up and get back in the ring.

Success is not guaranteed, but that does not mean our work is not worth doing. There are skills you can learn, and way of being you can develop that raise the odds. The best way forward is to take the first step on the learning journey. 

Naturally, you may want to meet the people who will be your guides before trusting us on the mountain path. So, if you are ready to make a difference through coaching teams, what are you waiting for?

Please note that this webinar will be recorded and may be shared to YouTube or other channels

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