Team Coaching Fundamentals (module 1)

Team Coaching Fundamentals: Module 1 of the blended learning Certificate in Team Coaching. Study in your own time.


For time, financial and a myriad other reasons, we understand that sometimes committing to the full blended learning Certificate in Team Coaching (Team Coaching Fundamentals modules 1 and 2)  might not work for everyone. Because of this, we are able to offer module 1 of the Certificate as a stand alone study option.  
This self-guided online course provides the foundational knowledge needed to confidently step into the field of team coaching. We will also share cutting edge meaning-making frameworks that you can use. In short, everything to get your practice started.

Module 1 comprises 14 chapters, over 90 lessons, an estimated 12 hours of online learning undertaken at a pace that suits you.

Chapters include:

  • ​​Co-creating the relationship and psychological safety,
  • ​​Group vs team,
  • ​​What team coaching is and how it differs from other similar group interventions,
  • ​​The role of a team coach,
  • ​​The process of team coaching and stages over time,
  • ​​Team engagement & readiness for team coaching,
  • ​​Team discovery and launch,
  • ​​“Live action” coaching & the final review session.

​​On completion of this module you will:

  • ​​understand what team coaching is and why its important
  • ​​have a complete team coaching journey map that you can use right away with clients
  • ​​explore step /stages of the journey and how to apply them
  • ​​introduce you to team coaching competencies and metaskills that elevate your practice and make you more impactful as a coach

​​It is important to note that candidates will not receive the full blended learning Certificate in Team Coaching on completion of module 1 alone. Neither will they receive CPD points or ICF CCEs. These will be awarded upon the successful completion of module 2.

Candidates can rest assured that so long as they successfully complete Team Coaching Fundamentals module 2 within 18 months of completion of module 1, they will acquire the full blended Certificate in Team Coaching. If this is of interest to you, we will work with you to secure you a place on an appropriate module 2 cohort
Finished module 1 and keen to enroll on module 2? Contact us at
​​All video lessons were shot and produced during reoccurring COVID19 imposed lockdowns without assistance of hairdressers and other technicians. We hope you won’t mind!​

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