Business Development for Team Coaches

A focus on the practical side of running your Team Coaching Business - Make an immediate impact on your ability to sell Team Coaching.


Who is this for?

  • Team coaches who are still identifying their core market and, as a result, are yet to build a unique Team Coaching offer designed for this specific market.
  • Team Coaches who know they can make an impact but are struggling to convince potential clients that Team Coaching is the best solution.
  • Team Coaches who want to refine their sales pitch and become more successful handling the push-backs and objections raised by clients.

A question we are often asked when talking to potential clients is “what is team coaching?” In our experience, this question arises from a curiosity or misunderstanding based on an uniformed view that Team Coaching is just a bit of facilitation, a team bonding activity, or some other one-off. Clients expect us to provide them with a compelling answer that will help them to assess whether their organisation will benefit from Team Coaching or not.

This programme will help you answer this classic client question and enable you to sell convincingly the benefits of Team Coaching. Our 8 hour virtual programme will help you improve your confidence and capability in selling Team Coaching through:

  • Being really clear about what exactly it is you are selling, and who you are selling it to.
  • Clearly describing how your team coaching offer is different to others'.
  • Building both fluency and confidence in the way you describe your work and your approach.
  • Understanding how to deal with client push backs and objections.
  • Offering plenty of opportunity to practise and test out different approaches.
  • Providing a reflective space to review progress, share what worked well or less well for you and discuss these with your peers in a structured review session three months out

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