Team Coaching Supervision

“We all grow best when we feel safe enough to be challenged, safe enough to be adventurous, safe enough to disclose and admit mistakes – when we’re not afraid of exposure. We grow best where equality is present and power is available to each and appropriately deployed- where responsibility can be negotiated and promises made and held to. In such a relationship, what was opaque can become clear and what has been in the darkness can be enjoyed in the light.” Cochrane & Newton, 2017


Who is this for?

  • Practising team coaches who have undergone training in team coaching with a credible training provider
  • Those who appreciate the value of learning in a group setting and who are prepared to give and receive in the group
  • This supervision is not aimed at those who are facilitators or trainers 

What will you get?

  • 6 bi-monthly supervision sessions 
  • Session duration of 3 hours
  • Small supervision group of 4-8 people
  • Virtual meetings via Zoom 

"The thing I most appreciated is the hardest thing to quantify – chemistry. I have met numerous supervisors throughout my career and of all of them, I felt most at ease with Louise. Her style is a good blend of support and challenge"


In our team coaching supervision you will:

  • Receive non-hierarchical, adult-to-adult supervision, using the wisdom of the group.
  • Experience psychological safety within the group so that you feel at ease and are able to be open and vulnerable and bring topics of importance to the group.
  • Spend time contracting about important issues such as confidentiality and what will enable you and your group to get the most from supervision.
  • Using a systemic approach, explore the impact of the wider network on you and the team.
  • Reflect upon the group dynamics to make the supervision as productive as possible and continue our learning about groups.
  • Reflective questions to aid preparation will be sent in advance of the sessions

Participants must commit to all sessions* and hold current professional indemnity insurance. *(just one session can be missed for emergency reasons)

  • 01 December 2020
    6 bi-monthly sessions of 3 hours
    Session information
    Session 1
    Tue 01 Dec 02:00 PM GMT - Tue 01 Dec 05:00 PM GMT
    Session 2
    Thu 28 Jan 02:00 PM GMT - Thu 28 Jan 05:00 PM GMT
    Session 3
    Wed 17 Mar 02:00 PM GMT - Wed 17 Mar 05:00 PM GMT
    Session 4
    Wed 19 May 02:00 PM BST - Wed 19 May 05:00 PM BST
    Session 5
    Wed 21 Jul 02:00 PM BST - Wed 21 Jul 05:00 PM BST
    Session 6
    Wed 22 Sep 02:00 PM BST - Wed 22 Sep 05:00 PM BST
    • £1,200.00 excl. VAT
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