Introduction to Agile Team Coaching

Demystifying Agile coaching by Andrew Kidd, Team Coaching Studio alumnus.


If you’ve been involved with any team coaching training, or digitally-led organisational transformation work, you’ll probably have met an Agile coach or two.

We’re a fascinating bunch - we love to learn, and we’re passionate about supporting our client’s development in building great products, and the ecosystems where people thrive. But what does an Agile coach actually do, and how are they different from other types of coaches?

In this introduction, my aim is to demystify this fascinating area of coaching and open the field up for non-technical coaches to get involved.

Key takeaways:

  1.  Understand what is meant by Agile Coaching.

  2.  Seeing Agile coaching through a variety of competence framework lenses (TCS, ICF and AgileCoach Institute).

  3. Identify opportunities to get involved.


About Andrew Kidd

I help awaken people to the full spectrum of their potential, using methods that actually create sustainable change.

With a background in engineering and a love of psychology, my career path has taken me to some wonderful places and given me the opportunity to work with household names. I wrote my first software back in 1984, where I fell in love with the process of using it to describe businesses as a metaphor which provided ways for people to effectively interact with them.

My practice sees me working with individuals and teams within government and private sector, typically in highly regulated environments, such as banking, pharmaceutical and defence.

Blending rigour with learning, I​’m passionate about human potential development, and I see projects as the perfect environment to stimulate growth.


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