Diploma in Team Coaching

"The course is packed with content that will satisfy the intellectual learner, and you are walked through the entire team coaching process, including understanding how to define and pitch your offer, how to design a Team Coaching programme, understanding options around team diagnostics and creating Team Charters, all framed in the latest thinking from team coaching experts... In short, it’s a great course, and anyone lucky enough to participate will certainly come away a better coach." Teresa Wilson


It is recommended that students have already started coaching a client team or will begin coaching a client team during this programme to gain full benefit of the learnings. Support can be given to help explore finding a client team to coach through optional supervision sessions (at an extra cost).

Module 2 – The Art of Team Coaching


  • Learn how to be a team coach versus do team coaching

  • Understand the philosophy and stance of Real Team Coaching

  • Explore the meta-skills of team coaching, a powerful methodology for change

  • Develop your presence as a team coach as a truly impactful way of being

  • Learn ‘use of self’ and the art of intentional interventions

  • Use active experiments, moving from awareness into action

  • Learn through faculty demonstration and through practice

  • Also learn through role play and being a team member

  • Participate in group team coaching supervision to support you in integrating your learning into your own practice

 Module 3 – Team Coaching Dynamics


  • Deepen your understanding of what happens beneath the surface in teams; the landscape of team dynamics

  • Build psychological safety to enable the ‘real work’ to get done

  • Understand the significant role the team leader plays in the team’s success and the impact you can have as a team coach

  • Explore the role and needs of the team, team leader and you as a coach at different stages of a team’s maturity

  • Raise your awareness of group process, power relationships and organisational games and how to work with these to enhance performance

  • Practice team coaching working with complex and difficult team dynamics

  • Resource yourself by being clear on your role as a team coach enabling you to work with the dynamics without getting caught up in them!

  • Learn through faculty demonstration and through practice

Module 4 – Team Coaching Systems


  • Understand what we mean by ‘systems’ and the guiding principles of different systemic approaches

  • Use systemic approaches to raise awareness, support meaning-making and shape your interventions

  • Consider organisational culture and how this influences teams and the work of team coaching

  • Reflect on when and when not to bring stakeholders and the system ‘into the room’

  • Learn through faculty demonstration and through practice

  • Also learn through role play and being a team member

  • Participate in group team coaching supervision to support you in integrating your learning into your own practice

Module 5 - You as a Team Coach


A final module where you integrate your learning into who you are now as a team coach and demonstrate your approach in action:

  • Orientation zoom session to meet fellow learners and understand the process and expectations

  • Participate in 3 x 2-hour monthly group supervision sessions to support you as you practise team coaching

  • Participate in the integrative and rewarding experience of sharing:

- Your team coaching methodology (your model and approach)
- Your team coaching case study, reflecting on the insights, learning
- Your learning journey to where you are now as a team coach

  • Demonstrate your team coaching approach in action

  • Receive support and stretch from your peers & TCS faculty

On successful completion of this module, you will receive your Diploma in Team Coaching.

Throughout Module 5 you will have a ‘nominated’ TCS Faculty Member to support you through your journey. Each person will get 2 hours of tutorial time with your nominated faculty member

Each module is subject to minimum numbers. This is to ensure we can offer the practical, interactive environment in which team coaching simulation and practice can take place.

Please be advised that CCEUs are subject to regular review by the ICF, as a result CCEUs may vary.

Some sessions may be led by different faculty members, depending on availability.

Please contact Melissa Luck (hello@teamcoachingstudio.com) for any further information.


You must have completed Module 1 (The Certificate in Team Coaching) in order to continue with the Diploma in Team Coaching Module 2.

If you have completed a course that you consider equivalent to Module 1, with another training provider, then please get in contact to book a 1 hour interview with a senior faculty member, in order to determine your level of knowledge & whether our approach is right for you.

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