Mary Morand

PCC: TCS North America/ Certificate Course Leader/Diploma Assistant/ Team Coaching Supervisor

Describe your journey as a coach

I started my career in the field of talent management. Whether consulting to improve performance or coaching to individual potential, one common theme across my work has been leveraging what’s working well and shifting what’s getting in the way. After 25 years in financial services, I moved to a consulting role in executive search and set up my own coaching practice. After almost 25 years as a coach, coaching is what I’ve loved the most. I also serve on philanthropic boards to improve financial and health outcomes for families struggling in the systemic poverty of communities.

What is your sweet spot as a coach?

Pulling on my early work in performance consulting, which looks at what needs to be in place for people to perform well, I like to help teams create the right conditions for their own effectiveness or improved performance. This intersection of individual performance and team effectiveness is a great place to build capability that can be sustained over time.

What about you as a person?

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, with my husband and our cat. We’ve raised three children who have brought us both heartache and joy – all part of family life, and for that we are grateful. I love the mountains and hiking. I love the creativity of cooking. And I really love the people with whom I can share a glass of wine and quiet conversation.