Kelly Drewery


Describe your journey as a coach

As a kid, I wanted to be Cracker – a psychologist detecting the inner workings of criminal minds. Then starting work as a psychologist in policing, I realised that the relationship that officers had with their jobs and with their teammates was far more fascinating to me. Since then, I’ve grown as a business psychologist, a career that has taken me into hundreds of organisations striving to become great places to work and supporting people through large-scale transformations. Across the range of work that I’ve done, I’m noticing that all roads seem to lead back to team development in one way or another. And that is how I find myself here in the TCS community. Lasting transformation in organisations happens one team mindset at a time. To me, team coaching supports our desire to generate a shared sense of meaning, boosts our ability to create ‘the new’, and to get stuff done together. Aren’t we social animals?!

What is your sweet spot as a coach?

I enjoy the variety of people and issues that team coaching brings. My sweet spot is working with teams through organisational change. In particular, mid-senior level managers are wearing many hats, with demands from all directions. Every organisational change is different, bringing us the unknown, uncertainty and personal change in some form. I coach these managers as teams, in peer groups or individually to acknowledge and address the overwhelm, navigate through the uncertainty and stay true to their own identity along the way.

What about you as a person?

Well, firstly, hello to you and thanks for being curious about me. Two of my joys are hiking through many different landscapes and experiencing different cultures and people. I value exploring the different social systems that we create as communities and how we include each other. I share a love of Lego with my three young kids. I gratefully learn from them every day about how much play and stories matter to how we make sense of the world. I believe in finding the win: win with people. Thoughtful service matters to me. And I strive to make things 1% better each day.