Helena Selbach Schmidt

PCC: TCS Brazil/Certificate Course Leader

Describe your journey as a coach

first heard about coaching when I drastically pivoted my professional life from a traditional, family business role into what tturned out to be my true calling-human development. I graduated in Business Administration in the US and returned to Brazil to work in our shoe manufacturing and exporting company, focusing on finances and international business development. I felt an urgent need to better understand the human side of the business equation, so I specialized in Family Systems Therapy before beginning my coaching journey. Since then I have been studying in many coaching schools of thinking, especially in Transactional Analysis, Systems and Neuroscience, and am currently a Master’s student in Adult Learning and Leadership, at Columbia University.

What is your sweet spot as a coach?

I light up the most when I’m coaching leaders around diversity and inclusion themes, especially those related to multiculturalism. As a Brazilian who spent ten years in the US, travelled extensively to Europe and the Americas, and have clients all over the world, I feel drawn to both uniqueness of each individual’s journey as well as what connects us all as humans. I love how complexity bids us to be creative and innovative, so there is always something new to learn.

What about you as a person?

I currently live in Southern Brazil with my husband, daughters and dog. I am usually a very good listener and strive to make people feel safe, while also enjoying a good share of alone time. I’m fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish, love being outside with my family and have recently rekindled a love for arts and crafts through crocheting.