Emily Jones

PCC: Certificate Course Leader/Community Leader

Describe your journey as a coach

Before I discovered coaching, I spent many happy years at senior leadership level working with internal teams and stakeholders to provide careers advice to more than 23,000 prisoners across the UK. The impact coaching had on me both personally and professionally was transformational, so I decided to train as a coach at postgraduate level. Initially focusing on executive and leadership coaching, I quickly became fascinated by the impact coaching could have on teams. I’ve been coaching teams for a number of years now and find real delight in helping teams to discover how they can become more effective and therefore more impactful.

What is your sweet spot as a coach?

My sweet spot is definitely to bring a sense of joy and fulfilment to the workplace. I really enjoy working with the decision-makers in an organisation, the ones who can change things for the better and drive a positive culture for all. I’m energised by working with teams and organisations that make a difference on a human level, and I believe every leader and team has the ability to do that.

What about you as a person?

I live in Nottingham with my husband Guy and our five tortoises. My happy place is in a tent or a caravan in a field, watching the world go by. Sharing good food and wine with friends and loved ones comes a pretty close second. I’m a keen runner and have run a couple of marathons, despite saying that I never would! People who know me describe me as a natural optimist who sees the best in people and situations.