Carol Fogarty

Certificate Course Leader/Diploma Assistant/Community Leader

Describe your journey as a coach

I noticed in myself some 20 years ago (or probably longer) that I had a love of contributing to the growth and achievement of others alongside a curiosity surrounding how people think, act, react and interact. In 2007 I left my corporate job and set up a coaching business. I have worked in one to one coaching, as a trainer of coaches and in team coaching ever since. Many parts of my life journey have informed my coaching practice today and provided opportunities to experience teams in many forms. I have experienced knowing what it feels like to sit in the fire as a senior commercial leader in 2 global FMCG organisations and as an owner of my own business. Spells in UK top level volleyball and on expedition in Africa for a Youth Charity exposed me to the roller coaster of environmental, physical, relational and psychological extremes. All provided opportunities to experience what it’s like to be part of teams in all their forms. I hold a Degree in Psychology alongside certified NLP, ICF and Team Coaching qualifications which, for me, are important for professional credibility.

What is your sweet spot as a coach?

I bring my whole energetic self and conversational style to encounters and I feel things deeply and intuitively, which is both my strength and my guide. For teams, I focus on promoting a deeper human connection and an invitation to learn by raising awareness of the importance, the potential and the rewards of connecting, collaborating and co-creating for the greater good of all in their eco-system. Most of my individual and team clients are in middle and senior management in private sector organisations. Many are in transition, in a fog, knowing they need to change but not sure how.

What about you as a person?

I live in North Hampshire, UK with my husband, 2 teenage children and large white fluffy dog. They all remind me of the importance of not taking life too seriously, about being in the moment, fun, new technologies, possibilities and creativity. Team sport has always been a constant in my life and I continue to chair and play for a local volleyball club and coach adults and children in volleyball and football. Coaching a football team of 15 year old boys is about as demanding a sports coaching assignment as you can get! When I do get a spare moment I love to meditate, read and catch up with friends.