Bob Shearer

Corporate Faculty

Describe your journey as a coach

I fell in love with the philosophy behind learning, development and growth in the late Eighties and, since then, I’ve been working in formal leadership development roles. This involves helping teams evolve, mature and improve their performance. I had developed a coach-approach style of facilitation but felt increasingly drawn to the idea of stepping away from being the one in control. My transition has been challenging, but it appears that I’ve fallen in love again, this time with working as an emergent team coach to support teams who want to perform at the next level.

What is your sweet spot as a coach?

My true sweet spot is working with teams cross-culturally. For the majority of this century, I’ve been a British expat. I’ve lived and studied in a number of different countries and most of my work is still based outside the UK. Paying more attention to the cultural dimension of teamwork is vital. I’ve learned many important lessons and have begun to view culture differently as a team coach.

What about you as a person?

I currently live in Germany with my wife Caroline. I’m often described as calm, relaxed and optimistic as well as a little irreverent from time to time! Food and cooking was a serious business in the house I grew up in so it’s no surprise that cooking and preparing food for the important people in my life has followed me into adulthood.