Allard de Jong

PCC. ACTC: Senior Director, Team Coaching Supervisor

Describe your journey as a coach

I spent the first 10 years of my career in advertising and marketing, managing global campaigns for such clients as Ford, Holiday Inn and Jeep. It then became clear to me that what I was really good at was helping people – rather than products – become successful. My subsequent transition into professional coaching was marked by a period of intense studying and sharing what I had learned, as the director of training for CoachVille in Spain. Since 2001 I have been logging coaching and training hours and have had the privilege of working with a slew of executives in such organisations as McDonald’s, Philip Morris, Airbus, Warner Brothers, Procter & Gamble and many more. I am currently a professional certified coach (PCC) with the ICF.

What is your sweet spot as a coach?

From day one, my coaching has focused on leadership development in large organisations. The work I do with my clients often centres on one or more aspects of emotional intelligence, rather than on functional skills. Given the volume of recent research proving its effectiveness, I am especially thankful for the opportunity to transfer coaching skills to my clients and see them adopt the coach-approach as part of their leadership toolbox. Thanks to my languages and cross-cultural background I have been able to work on all five continents, from Asia Pacific to Africa.

What about you as a person?

I continue to be guided by three beliefs: that there’s a core of noble, positive potential in every person with the power to change their own world; that over time those changes add up to the ability to change the world; and that corporations are in a unique position to lead that change.