Recommended Reading

The Mindful Approach to Working Life by Catherine Midgely & Carroll Macey

30 October 2018
Caroline Sumners

As a coach with many years of work experience within organisations, working in roles as consultants and facilitators, in public and private, large and small organisations, it’s difficult not to become acutely aware of the demands of the contemporary workplace.

This book is designed so that you may choose to read it cover to cover, or just read chapters that are relevant and useful to you or your clients at a particular point in time. Some chapters are specifically relevant for people managers and leaders who may find it helpful to learn how to be a more mindful leader or carry out performance management processes in a more engaged way. Other chapters may be situation specific, e.g. experiencing some conflict or are feeling apprehensive about an upcoming presentation. Other chapters have broader appeal as topics that many of us face on a daily basis e.g. managing time effectively or having better quality conversations.

The techniques in this book can help improve wellbeing, relationships and overall performance through;

  • Improving focus
  • Handling emotions with greater ease
  • Bringing more clarity to decision making
  • Interacting with colleagues more effectively
  • Enhancing communication style
  • Bringing greater awareness and attention to meetings/emails/presentations etc
  • Leading and managing with a clearer intention and purpose

Use the book to refer to from starting the day well to switching off at the end of the day, when you need to press the ‘pause’ button and think about how you can do everyday activities in a different way. 

The book is available on Amazon and costs around £12.99