What are the Terms and Conditions & Cancellations policy?

You can access the Terms & Conditions and Cancellations policy here.


Are you courses accredited?

Yes! But not all of them. Our core programmes are accredited by the ICF and some of our micro-programmes also have AC CPD or ICF accreditation. Please check each programme for the accreditation details of a specific course


Can I miss sessions?

Ideally no. Our courses are experiential and require commitment. The experience of every member of your cohort is important to us, so we would prefer not to have the disruption of the changing group dynamics. If it is unavoidable, however, we do make some allowances, providing that the work missed is caught up. Please note, however, that we cannot award the full accreditation (If applicable) if too many hours are missed.


Are any discounts available?

We rarely offer discounts as our aim is to simply offer the best value we can. If you have what you consider to be extraordinary circumstances that would benefit from our help, then please get in touch -hello@teamcoachingstudio.com. We do offer a set 10% discount on courses for members of our GROW community.


How long are ICF CCUES valid for?

ICF CCUES are reviewed with the ICF annually and are subject to change.