Certificate in Team Coaching

Your training pathway to team coaching mastery

Certificate in Team Coaching

The foundation module for our Diploma in Team Coaching

Is this programme for me?

The programme is aimed at experienced coaches who want to deepen their coaching practice and meet the increased demand for competent, confident team coaches. It is also suitable for L&D, HR and OD professionals who are working in a coaching role within their organisation. 

This full Certificate in Team Coaching is available in a blended learning format. Module 1: Team Coaching Fundamentals is to be studied at your own pace, before attending Module 2, the live practice online via Zoom. On completion of both of these modules, your Certificate in Team Coaching will be awarded along with 30 ICF CCE Units.

In addition to this we are likely to run some live events in person, when restrictions allow, or online via Zoom. Please sign-up to our newsletter to be kept informed of any live courses becoming available.

Blended Learning Certificate in Team Coaching

Study our approach to Team coaching at your own pace and in your own time without giving up on the crucial opportunity to put the theory into practice. In this format our Certificate in Team Coaching is taken in two parts as follows:

Module 1: Team Coaching Fundamentals (Self Study)

Programme Structure

This self-guided online course provides the foundational knowledge needed to confidently step into the field of team coaching. We will also share cutting edge meaning-making frameworks that you can use. In short, everything to get your practice started.

Programme Content

  • Co-creating the relationship and psychological safety,
  • Group vs team,
  • What team coaching is and how it differs from other similar group interventions,
  • The role of a team coach
  • The process of team coaching and stages over time
  • Team engagement & readiness for team coaching Team discovery and launch
  • “Live action” coaching & the final review session

NB. Please note that all video lessons were shot and produced during reoccurring COVID-19 imposed lockdowns, without assistance of hairdressers and other technicians. We hope you don’t mind!


On completion of this module you will:

  • understand what team coaching is and why it’s important
  • have a complete team coaching journey map that you can use right away with clients
  • explore steps / stages of the journey and how to apply them
  • have an introduction to team coaching competencies and meta skills that elevate your practice and make you more impactful as a coach
  • Have access to our Community of Practice


Module 2: Team Coaching Fundamentals (Group Practice)

Programme Structure

This is where the rubber meets the road: we get together for 4 x 3 hour live Zoom sessions to put your learning from Module 1 into practice.

During each session we will simulate the team coaching journey you studied, enabling you to both see and experience the stages in action. At TCS we pride ourselves on being experienced practitioners and we can’t wait to share that experience with you. Guaranteed to make you feel confident enough to put yourself out there as a bona fide team coach!

Programme Content

  • Introductions, psychological safety, ERA contracting & initial conversations.
  • Team readiness
  • Team coaching
  • Live action coaching
  • Feedback and more feedback!

PS: Also included is permission (no wait, make that ‘encouragement’) to belly flop while attempting your team coaching swan dives.


  • ​​Increased confidence through putting skills into practice
  • Learn from the experiences and faculty demonstrations
  • Develop a home team of peer coaches for ongoing support after the programme
  • 2 hrs of sub team work work between sessions to integrate your learning
  • Q&A tailored to situations that you bring


Certificate in Team Coaching Intensive - Live (Online or in person)

24 hours of live training with the coach-makers - Georgina & Allard

Programme Structure

– The  online programme comprises 8 x 3 hour live sessions via Zoom. The live Zoom sessions allow you to interact with our faculty trainers and other students just as you would in a regular classroom setting, including working in smaller groups in virtual breakout rooms.
– Our in-person courses run for 3 consecutive days.

Programme Content

  • Explore what makes a group become ‘a team’
  • Learn about team effectiveness, the conditions that support it and how it can be measured 
  • Understand what team coaching is and how this defines ‘the work’ of a team coach
  • Gain a grounding in contemporary team coaching concepts and their application
  • Explore the role and focus of a team coach and the modes that bring this to life
  • Discover team coaching system and how interventions change over time
  • Consider team coaching readiness and how to prepare a team for coaching
  • Explore diagnostics, and their use and application in team coaching
  • Practice team coaching within a virtual learning environment


Once you have completed the Certificate in Team Coaching, you can continue your journey to Team Coaching Mastery

"Georgina and Allard are coach-makers. You come away from this team coaching programme with self belief by drawing from your own prior experience to find your unique coaching stance. No sausage machines. No prescription of 'how to' to do it someone else's way. As a result, you feel empowered to respond to your client team's needs as they emerge"
Kelly Drewery. Business psychologist, Talent Glue.
Team Coaching Studio alumna
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